Monday, May 23, 2005

Sister's visit

Last weekend, my lovely sister come down to KL to visit me.

She stayed 2 days only, the 3rd day, she quickly packed and go back to Penang, saying that if I stay one more day in KL, I will become more broke… Haha.

Guess what, she shopped like water, TS bring her on Saturday to KLCC and Sg. Wang Plaza. What I heard from TS is her shopping attitude is similar to me ~~ guess sisters are like tat. Whenever a shop have the word SALES, she will go in and have a look. TS always call me saying my sister is going to buy this and that. TS said: “I have spend 1 day teman your sister, so don’t tell me shop for the next 1 year….”. L

Next day, its me who guide my sister to 1-utama. Both of us shop for at least 7 hours, walk here and there, not all shop we enter, cause 1-utama really very huge, 1 day impossible to see everything. I manage to get myself NOSE shoes….. Yeah… new shoes.
My sister is more keng ~ she buy a lot…..

When we reach wangsa maju, she is exhausted, but we still chit chat before we when to bed. Her bf called, how sweet is it, she is similar like others couples, talking are sweet sweet, very in love. Haha…

TS bising sangat, like radio….. like to nagging and laugh at people. My sister very paise, always complain to me.

Both of us are exhausted that my sister came, but still a wonderful trip with her.

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