Monday, May 02, 2005

New Handphone ~ SE J200i

Lost my Nokia 3310 handphone in City Square, Johor Baharu MegaPavilion Cinema, I guess my bag have a big hole, that I didn't really notice that I drop my handphone. Was sad, cause it was my 1st handphone, got feelings to it....

After some survey, finally decided to buy this model, (which I'm using now)

SE J200i

I brought this, RM385 (ORI model), just basic functions, color screen, poly sound, but too bad is the poly sound can't save alot, only 8 additional sound:(. Still not tat familiar with the SE model, always delete something

SE T630

RM535(ap model), not worth because its a old model, got camera, but only poly sounds, hear there are some bugs liao

SE K508
RM620(ap model), I wanted this model, but too bad, not enuf money to buy. Got camera, color more pixels, got video recording too, plus mp3 sounds, its worht to have this phone at this price, but the problem is I not willing to spend money in this area.

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