Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2.0 Xi Men Ding 西门町 & Homestay

The bus stop us at Xi Men Ding (西门町) MRT exit 6. Xi Men Deng greet us with Smile Xi Men Ding (微笑西门町)。
On our way to our home stay, we saw some film or maybe mv shooting beside the road.
Xi Men Ding is really crowded with people and alot of shops for shopping.
We stay for 5 nights at this Homestay - 時尚茱屋 Julie House
We live in her small room called Strawberry Garden (草莓園)
Overall the room was ok. Acceptable and cheap for the price we pay. 5 nights for $5019. We have 30% off for continuous stay for the 3rd and 4th day. Downstair have a 7-11 opposite the building. It is quite far for the MRT station, 8 minutes walk. The building is very old and the is corridor to our room torn and old. The toilet bath tub have some small cracks but luckly is was still clean. The door have complicated 2-3 locks and until the day I left , I also don't really know how to use it.
It is actually a building with many rooms on it. Some of them are monthly rental owners and Julie have 4 room at that building to rent out for travelers. One thing bad is that homestay owner isn't staying at the same building which makes us hard to get travel guide from her.

Image grab from Julie House

Public confess to someone he cares??
Some food we got on Xi Men Ding. Pot-stewed meat(卤味) - cold and taste no good.
So much people buy this, but it taste so so only.


Janice said...

The food not delicious ah? But looks good wor! :D

Ciyou said...

not nice at all :(

Anonymous said...

I also want to book julie room for this coming Oct to Taipei...Can I ask if it is really not convenient to go to MRT?

Do you need to pay deposit when you book the room?

Room clean & worth? Thx

mandy said...


I saw your blog while searching for review for Julie homestay at Google the other day.

(1)I'm going to Taipei this Oct. I wish to ask about your few days stay at Julie place, is it ok? Recommended to stay?

(2) Is it real far from the Ximen MRT station? Since you said about 8min . I scare both of us will lost & get tired for 7 days travels. Because I do hope to get a convenient place and cheap.

(3) How do you travel from Airport to Julie place and from her place back to airport?

(4) How about deposit for room booking? Can we just book through email & pay all when check-in.

Thanks. Hope to get reply from you.

George said...

Hi there, i just stumble your blog while searching for taiwan places of interest and food. I just wanna ask you, how do you book the homestay in Julie's house? How to book online?

Ciyou said...

George: I book my room thru the website and paid via paypal.

Mandy: I think I have reply u via email

George said...

I see. Thanks for you. Can i know whether the room we can choose on the website or she will arrange it for us?

Ciyou said...

George: you can select the room you wanted.

Achi said...

The Strawberry Garden is very similar to my new home, although there are no TV and only a bed and a desk in it. The bathroom is shared with the other people. You can stay the night and then play around in Taiwan. Only charge you NT$270 per night or free if you offer us the same service when we travel to your country.

christ said...


I'm going to Taipei on july this year. I wish to ask about your few days stay at Julie place, is it ok?
Because I hope to get a convenient place and cheap.
How do you travel from Airport to Julie place?
How about deposit for room booking? can I pay all when check-in or how to pay by credit card?
Thanks for your help. Hope to get reply from you

Lillian said...

Hi, love your blog! I google for Chiufen and came across your blog. Seen the nice pics you took. But what caught my attention is your Blogshop. I would love to order your crafts but I'm from Singapore, so do you make delivery to Singapore? Any what about payment? :)

Carol said...

Hi Ciyou, stumble upon your blog when searching for julie min su. Is it recommended to stay there? How far from Ximen station (if you could pinpoint in google maps, that would be great!). Thx ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi there i saw your post. I have currently book to stay in julie this october. May i know how do you roughly walk there from the mrt? thank you


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