Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1.0 Preparation and Flight to Taiwan

Booked our ticket at August 2009 which is around RM1100++ for 2 person. Start proper research and plan early this year. And fly to Taiwan at 4th March 2010. Here are some books we refer to in our 17 days trip.

Here are the books that I refer to. The 3 small booklet on the left is very handy on traveling especially at Taipei. It contains compact infomation and even transportation information to travel. I got these at Taiwan Visitors Association KL at Wisma GoldHill which is just behind my office. Or try visiting the recent Matta Fair, there will have booths there. Or you can download the booklet from their website.

If you are visiting Taiwan from soon, just print out your flight booking and you can redeem a limited edition of EasyCard (悠游卡) with NT$50 value inside the card at Taiwan Visitors Association KL . We can refund the balance yet keep this card. I would recomend to use this card when travel in Taipei as there are some small discount on the transportation fairs using this card.

Taiwan Visitors Association, Kuala Lumpur Office
Address: WISMA GOLDHILL Suite 25-01, Level 25, Wisma Goldhill, 67 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Tel: +60-3-2070-6789
Fax: +60-3-2072-3559

I did the web checkin in Air Asia and checkin luaggage itself is just super quick. Within 10 minutes we are done with everything.
As it is a budget flight, the seats were not so comfortable. But with some chat, sleep, music listening, playing games. It wasn't that hard flying for 4 hours 40 minutes to Taiwan.

Surprisingly there is a USB port on below the screen, and TS try to charge his iphone and it works. So no worries on low battery for Iphone and Ipod.There is a small screen in each seat. There are a selection of movies, music, games, but you need to pay RM30 for that. The chatting services and the map is free. Its fun to see how the plane fly and it makes me more excited when we see the plane being more and more near to Taiwan.

Reach Tao Yuan International Airport (台湾桃园国际机场) Terminal 2 at around 2.30pm. I can feel its getting cold at here.

Beautiful handmade paper wedding dress ~ fantastic.
We apply the Youth Travel Card (青年旅遊卡) at Tao Yuan Airport for FREE, as long as you are within 15-30 years old. It provides discount and special offers on admission tickets, transportation, accommodation, and culinary delicacies for free and easy traveler like us. I find it useful for admission tickets.
We also apply the Digital Tour Buddy 寶貝機. I received a handphone with NT$100 phone credit value on it. This promotion starts March 2010 and I apply last minute before my trip. Thank god they approve my application. We need to return the phone back to them when we leave Taiwan.

Initially I thought we need to stop at Taipei Main Station (台北车站) and change MRT to Xi Men Ding. Luckly there is a bus (飞狗巴士) direct stop us at Xi Men Ding (西门町) to check in to our Homestay. Ticket prices is NT$140 per person.


Achi said...

Are there any machine similar to like Digital Tour Buddy? I think it's very cool.

śtRawbĕrry cafě said...

Hi there... link to your blog from Cari.
may i know is there any other way to obtain the easycard as i'm not from KL.
The 寶貝機 still available?
I'll be travelling next yr Feb.

Ciyou said...

寶貝機I think its a long term program.
The easycard I don't think have, its the promotion at that time.


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