Sunday, August 14, 2011

Detergent labels

Re-labeling the detergent container was some home deco that I did recently. I have this habit on putting my detergent on these tall cookie container. I feel it more easier to use rather then opening from the box every time to do my laundry.

I brought some Korean stickers and Korean Masking Sticker for this shop. I try playing them, cut and assemble them. It looks perfectly cute. The Korean Masking Stickers are not the same as the MT masking tape. Talking about mt tape, I was totally addicted with that (shall talk more on other post).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Remember the half way done mirrors on the dinning area that I posted earlier? Here is the completed version on my dinning area. We got 3 set of Ikea Mirrors for RM19.90 and DIY ourselves. It fits pretty well with the Paris + Building wall stickers.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Master Bedroom in purple

Part of my master bedroom, which is half way complete. End up as what I want ~ purple. Here is the initial wall paint was like that, but with the furniture, curtains, bed sheet and carpet, it looks purple now.

Love the purple swirl carpet which we brought pass 2 weeks. It's around RM250 which I brought at Giant near my house.
Definitely like the white lights, too bad the bed frame is in black.... hmm.... thinking to change it to white. But due to money constraint, I think will still stick the the black frame for this moment.
Another shot with lights. The bed sheet and quilt cover are in a matching set. Price around RM250 for the bed cover, quilt cover, pillow case and booster case. The cotton thread count is 450(if not mistaken), which is higher then those that I brought earlier, which is 250 cotton thread count. The higher the cotton thread count really make the bed smoother and softer.

The purple curtains I got from Nagoya, the fabric is much more cheaper then those curtain shop yet it looks elegant.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enjoying music with speakers

With such space on my house.
I can open the speaker out loud.
Which I can't on my share house condo last time.
Listening music thru speaker and laptop speaker its really so much difference.
Some bits from the bass of the speaker, makes my body moves....
I love the music out from the speaker, it is so relaxing, sometimes distress a bit after a whole day of hard work.

Recently love both of these songs:-

Lady Antebellum - Need you Now

Bruno Mars - Just The way you Are


Monday, March 28, 2011

Dry & Wet Kitchen

Well... here is it. Here is my dry kitchen.

At the dry kitchen, I select black solid surface. It looks great, but it is easy to get scratch. On my wet kitchen, we choose 2 x 2 black tiles. I admit that the tiles are more resistible then solid surface. The cabinets are all in white color. And the foreground color of the kitchen is in apple white (slightly greenish over sun lights). Overall, I love my kitchen.

We built an extra sliding door to separate the dry and wet kitchen. I am glad I insist to install that door. Looks stylish and it really block part of the smell from reaching the living/dinning area. See here when it was first install the door.
That day I was unpacking some of my box and found these small souvenirs we brought from Taiwan last year. Haha... finally found a place for them to display.
Here is how's our wet kitchen looks. The cooking place seems to be a bit small. Its hard for 2 person cooking together.
It is still a total mess on the kitchen. I still yet to buy dish racks and some small organizer to store those things.

I have brought a mini dish strainer which I got from Diaso. Since we move to our new house, I tend to buy a lot house whole items from Diaso and 100 yen shop.
There is the maid room but we use as our store room. One side is for washing machine. Another side if for storage....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinning area

After a few months of tidying the house, here is my dinning room. See the dinning table when it was first move in here.
We brought mirrors from Ikea. It comes 4 piece in one set, plan to get more at the weekend.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My small garden

Part of our new project and hobby~ gardening.

We brought packets of soil, plants, grass, stone, tools, decorations... Total damage was around RM500 for this small gardening area.
Aloe Vera Plant from TS mum.... Wonder when will it grow tall and we can start eating them.
Philippine grass (Left) that we plants ourself. The right hand side grass are from our neighbour. They hired professional to plant the grass. We actually have fun planting them ourselves. The Philippine grass is RM3 per piece of 2 x 1 feet. We just remove it from the plastic and arrange them tidy into the land.

Some flowers we brought from the plant nursery. I have request the seller to sell us those easy to maintain flowers and plants as to built up my confident in gardening.

I started to plant some chilies from seeds and see... see... it's growing... I am so delight to see them growing....

We brought these gardening items from:-
1. Paramount Giant Car Park.
2. A huge plant nursery at the end of the road of Proton Manufacturing Plant at Shah Alam.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Living Area

Here is my living area of my home sweet home. Still with the Chinese New Year decoration (lazy to remove them). Color theme of the living ares is brown color. The curtain and the sofa tend to be the same color.

The sofa is big, bigger then what we see on the fair. This was our first furniture we brought during April 2010 Home Deco Fair at KLCC. The sofa is around RM3000++ which includes the coffee table. The sofa is detachable into 4 separate individual sofa and we can mix and match with it's design. The upper part of the cushion is also detachable to adjust the height of the sofa. It includes 3 square and 3 long sized feather pillow which is super soft. We are allow to choose the fabric and color for both the sofa and pillows.We didn't hang around much at the living area. Maybe one reason was we haven't brought a TV. It is still in our waiting list. Or who want's to sponsor me a new television? LOL. The sofa now become the home for my soft toys. I "kept" some of my brother's collection there. Here is a nasty and furious fish. Some are gifts from TS and friends. I love the Tatty teddy valentine collection the most.

I think the most ugliest item in my living room is this shoe rack which I used back on my old condo. Still in the process of saving more money to buy more furniture for my house.

Lights Part 2

After 5 months we move to our new home, I finally manage to snap some picture's and share with you all.

Great thanks to TS brother who came several trips down from Johor and install those lights for us. Note that all lights and lamps are assemble by TS and his brother(Save us alot of money). I only manage to help on installing the glass crystal of the chandelier light.

Here is the Chandelier for my living room. I brought from here. Thank got I snap the picture from the shop, else I wouldn't know how to assemble the glass crystal. It turn out to be very elegant and beautiful as it matches with the color and theme of the living area. Price for each Chandelier is RM99.

I brought 3 Rubine Fan for RM218 each. It is in black color with a remote control. We put them in the dinning, living and the master bedroom. The rest of the rooms we install KDK white ceiling fan. Beside the fan is the Chandelier light before installing the glass crystal.

Here is a stand light which is in the living room, we brought from the LDP Furniture Mall. We grab it from a discounted price at RM269. Same shop where we got the Chandelier.

Finding lights for the living area is such a pain. What I notice from design magazine, usually no ceiling fan at dinning area's. Well, I think it is very impractical unless you have air -con on that area. We initially brought lights around RM60 that are quite similar to the Ikea's BRASA black lamp(which cost RM200++), but when TS brother hang it before installing it to the dinning area, we do not feel like it matches with the area. We finally used TS brother's lamp's as above for our dinning area (yellow lights) & dry kitchen (white light).

We install several down lights on the middle of the living + dinning area. It is just a backup light source if in case the main lights from both area is insufficient. Each down light cost us RM36 with twin energy light bulb. Due to the blur surface of the glass on the down light, some times I few like it is not bright enough. We have install 2 more at the car pouch and at the wet kitchen.

Let's go upstairs... We brought these twin wall lights (RM69) for the stairs and for the family area. Surprisingly with just 2 energy saving light bulbs, it is bright enough for the family area. It handle made from wood, which matches well with the apple white color of the wall and green feature wall at the family area.

This rottan round light is around RM99, Top Ten told us to use yellow lights for warm and relaxing feel. I think it's a great suggestion, he even suggest us to get the wooden wall lamp as it will fits perfectly with this lamp.
Love the effect when the yellow dim light is open ~!
My master room light, each cost RM280, the most expensive lights in my house. The worst part was I need to buy 2 as we have 2 lighting ports in the master room. It is a very beautiful and modern light. It end up to be very matching with my purple room. One thing bad of this light is it is too bright. Each light holds 3 bulb. And it is very eye sore when we are lying down the bed and accidentally look on the bulbs. Planned to change to yellow light's next time.

We was worried that wall lamps are not bright enough. I suggested using normal fluorescent light for other small rooms, but TS insist getting more beautiful lights for the rooms. This wall lamp surface is made from glass and the lights is very bright. Just one of them are enough for the whole room. It cost RM125, slightly expensive then we thought. If we knew the wooden wall lights would be bright enough, we might consider buying them from those smaller rooms too.
Simple round moon like lamp for the toilet. It is RM38 each and the bigger on is RM58 that we install it as the main light at the car pouch. I think this is suitable for toilets as toilets are wet and the plastic casing will protect it. The disadvantage was the light isn't that bright on the car park as the plastic casing blocks some of the light off.
Almost all our light's we brought from Top Ten, I think they offer most reasonable price for lights. If you buy alot from them, try to ask for more discount. I hate to go to lighting shop's where they set the price very high and then mark 50% or 70% off where the discounted price is around the same as per the price labeled at Top Ten. Just to be careful and double check your items before you leave the shop.

Top Ten Lighting Sdn. Bhd.
1-G, Jalan Bandar 3,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47100 Selangor
Tel: 03-5882 4606

Business Hour:
Mon - Sat: 11.30am - 9pm
Sun: 12 noon - 4pm

I think I still missed photographing some other lamps in the house, will do it on the next post.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Ceremony + Lunch (2nd Jan 2011)

Finally get my photos from the photographer for my actual day wedding pictures.

Great thanks to PerfectEdge Photograhpy for those wonderful pictures.
Thanks to YC Video Recording Studio that shot memorable videos on my special day
Thanks for Grace Wang - the leng lui makeup artist which makes me a princess for a day.
Many thanks for my family members and friends that have lead a hand to help on my wedding day.
Appreciate those friends that have came from Penang, KL, Johor down to Pontian just to attend my wedding. A million kisses to you all.

I did have a wonderful Tea Ceremony session. A funny, yet joyful morning. Some nice shot of the

The lunch wasn't going as smooth as we thought, but we still manage to handle it with a happy heart.


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