Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lights Part 1

Just a quick post on our new house shopping ~

Last few weeks, we drop by a lamp shop on our way home. I brought this chandelier lamp for RM99. The stones are in glass, not crystal. But I am still happy with the price and the design. Thinking of either put it on my master bedroom or my living room

I find the most difficult part of the house is choosing the house lamps/light.

What I notice in magazine and show house, they will usually install down lights at their house.
Then install one lamp at the middle of the room with air con beside the room.

For me, I do want a ceiling fan and I do not wish to on the air con whole day at an area. Firstly, my electrical bill will be a bom and it is not too healthy to have air con for long hours.
Brought a matching stand lamp and another stand lamp too for the living area. Pictures next time after I have install them on my house.


uLi.佑莉 said...

Hey, nice and cheap wor....where can get it ar? Can tell me the address or shop name ar? I also got my CF dy...happy! ^^

Ciyou said...

uLi: I got it at Perabot LDP. There is only 1 lighting shop among all the furniture shops there.


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