Thursday, September 09, 2010

Renovation Part 2

Another 2 weeks later from the Renovation Part 1, my contractor have finish almost 50% of our house renovation.

The auto gate was install. Both of us was so funny trying to open the auto gate door without knowing it can be only open with a remote control!~ so stupid.

Let see the back yard~~ hooray! It is done. The floors are cement too. No more muddy dirt stains on the back of the wall.
This is our neighborer's house backyard
We have added additional water pipes at the back yard. Ease of cleaning the backyard.
After I deliver the sink to the contractors, they manage to build the tile concrete top L shape at my wet kitchen. I must say they are so quickly on deliver the house to us.
To my surprised, the carpenter had finish his work (he promise to deliver at end of September), but we saw the cabinets of the kitchen and the cabinets of the master room in our house. I think we can move in by end of September as everything seems like in early schedule.

The last visit to my house, we paid the 2nd payment. I have choose the colors of my house. I hope it won't look like kindergarten as it will be colorful ~ I choose blue, pink, purple, green, brown..... Does it sound like too colorful ? Haha. Looking forward to visit it this coming weekend

Manage to snap a picture on the recent show house on my house~!
It's almost 1 at the midnight and I'm still blogging. Need to stop write and go to bath and sleep. One thing good in my new company is I can enter the office at 10am. Lesser traffic and I can sleep more. I feel more happy as after tomorrow we will be having a 3 days weekend holidays ~!


uLi.佑莉 said... fast. The kitchen cabinet hor, is that simen top or solid surface ar? Can't see clearly la....

Agnes Sim said... many colors!! :p my house got 2 colors only if not included white color...;-) waiting for ur house warming. hehehe

Anonymous said...

You have a lot of work to do. look like this house need manu renovations
after builders cleaning

Ciyou said...

uli: The kitchen we have dry and wet. The black one you see on my blog is the wet kitchen. We use 2x2 black tiles. The dry kitchen we are using solid surface for the top.

Agnes: I don't know how it will look like, tommorow will need to go and have a look.

Lauraaa, said...

wooow, it's goes fast!

P&T said...

Hi Ciyou,

I am very impressed by your writeup in your Taiwan adventure. I wrote to your email asking some questions but it is not valid. Can I ask with an email of yours?

Thank you.

Ciyou said...

P&T: email me at

Cheryl -_-" said...

Kemuning Utama!? Haha, my bf's house is just 5 minutes drive from Kemuning Utama :D Near a medical centre :)


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