Saturday, September 18, 2010

Renovation Part 3 - Paints

One of the most tough decision to made is the choosing the colors of the house. The cost for re-painting the whole house(interior walls) is RM4000. It's so hard for me to decide what colors I want to paint as I love colors, colors that I like might not be suitable for a house.

As promise, let see how is my house now after painting.

Here is the living and dining room ~ I choose natural brown color compliment with beige color.

At the kitchen area, I choose "apple white" color. We view the sample wall from the contractors, it was actually white in color, but the contractor told me it will have some greenish color on the white. Ended up it a bit light greenish on the kitchen and the maid area. I think it should look good with my white and black kitchen cabinets.
They have also paint our backyard wall ~!
Let's see how its the upper part of the house.

Here is the family area~ I choose khaki green color with is a continuous matching color from the living/ dinning area.
Purple color on the master room ~ a bit disappointed on the color as I would like a more deep purple color. Its look more pink purple to me. All the rooms matching white color is "orchid white" which means there is some pink colors in the white color.
The 1st small room and my craft room is in blue. Oh my~ I love this blue color so much~
The second room I color it in to pink color ~~ Sweet sweet color ~~

One thing the contractor did was the shower screen on the master room. He did half of the opening area~~ should ask him to do 70% of the width. I scared the water will split out~ Lets see how after we move in~~We spend the last weekend to buy more lights. Brought everything except the living area light. Estimated spending on lights will be around RM2500 for the whole house. Next shopping list will be the curtains ~


Cheryl -_-" said...

Eh, hv u bought the lights? I got ppl to kai xiao :D Anyway, I'm going to renovate my house.. can I get contacts from u? :) Thx!

Ciyou said...

Cheryl: i have msg you on your facebook on the contractors details

ivy said...

我也很愛那間blue room

Agnes Sim said...

yalo..tat purple is not look like purple, shud be deep purple more nice. go to repaint lo ;-)

Ciyou said...

Agnes: Repaint need $$, no extra $$ to do so

Ciyou said...

Agnes: Repaint need $$, no extra $$ to do so

蓝天 said...



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