Thursday, September 09, 2010

Renovation Part 1

Recently was busy with my new job. Since my new job, I reach home almost 9-10pm everyday. Had to do either housework or "extra" work after reach home. I didn't have time to read thru my list of feed blogs nor has much time surfing in Facebook.

We start our house renovation at the mid of July. We drag quite some time because the fixing of defects wasted us more then 3 months. Besides that, we are waiting for our EPF money to release.

We started our house renovation by the house wiring and air con piping. Both of them are done by TS brother. We added extra wire points and sockets for the home. We also added air con piping for living/dinning room and 3 rooms at the 2nd floor. Most of the wiring and pipes are buried/conceal in the walls which requires hacking on the existing walls. There goes my clean and beautiful walls ~ sore heart ~ Actually not to worry that much as it will be repaint later from my contractor. If anyone need piping/wiring, you can contact me as I can recommend you to my TS brother.

After all the research and asking several quotation from different contractors, we decided to go for the contractor which did most of the house for Paramount. His shop is located at the shop houses at the entrance to our house area. He might not be the most cheapest among our quotation, but we will go for a more peaceful mind renovation as we do not have too much time to monitor and chasing their work. (heard too many stories on unreliable and bad contractors) There is quite a number of residents let him do. Why we know it? Because we can see their banner hanging at the house they renovate. If there are bad, I don't think so many resident will let them renovate their house.

Our renovation cost is estimated around RM28,000++. We paid RM4,000 at the end of July and they started working on it.

The next week we visit our house, they have already started renovating our house. The car park area was full of construction materials.... Total mess.
They started on the plaster ceiling between the dinning and living area. My main reason of adding the plaster ceiling here is to install 2 row of down light to ensure both area is bright enough. We didn't do the whole living/dinning area with plaster ceiling because I love the ready made cornice ceiling.
The contractor almost finish our concrete wall fencing at the backyard. But I think there are still under construction as there are supportive woods all around the backyard.

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