Friday, May 30, 2008

FAA LP Fruits Received

Was very busy for the past few days.

I was only the IT person on the company, everything related to IT, computer, all people will start finding for me. Now I even know how to buy a switch, buy a full set PC, set up a brand new PC beside working as a programmer. My boss wanted me to set up Outlook on each PC. Such a nightmare. Plus I need to finish one project by today, which is friday, but lucky was postpone to next tuesday.

Feel even miserable when someone cheated me my money.

Despite on having so much unlucky, stressful day, it was quite a lucky day that I have receive 2 of 3 FAA lucky Parcel themed Fruits that day.

Let me show what I got:

From CupcakeDD:-
She gave me tons of beautiful fruit fabrics, I love them all. Why Malaysia can't get this kind of fabric? I'm so jealous. And tons of sweets and candy, yummy.

From jek in the box:-
This parcel I love the fabric but I most love the fancy buttons. I only found the strawberry fancy button in here only. Others I could not find them anyway.

What an coincident that a same pattern of fabric was in both of the packages and that fabric I love them so much.

Those fabric is so beautiful that I dare not use it. Cham~

You can see what did I sent.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bookfest 2008

Just back from the bookfest several hours ago. My office is quite near to the klcc convention center. So I went there after my working hours.

I was expexting little crowd today as it is a normal working day, but I guess this week is school holiday. I could see alot of parents taking their kids, teenager around.

Bookfest per entry is RM2, you will get a booklet of catalog and the entry pass wrist band. This catalog was available for sale at any popular bookstore and I kinda flip thru tis booklet before. I was interested in 1 felt book that was extreemly cheap.

When entering, the crowd wasn't that bad. The 1st section - Hall 5 was those english books, including english kids books, novel, story book, fiction.... As I walk towards the Hall 1, continue with Malay book and started stationary. At the stationary section I spend quite some time as I found what I wanted, which is the Artline T-shirt Marker pen - black color, that was out of stock at kinokunoya.

The Artline T-shirt Marker was RM3.60, Kino selling RM4.50. I brought 2 colors - pink and black. The lady told me because the fair they are selling that cheap. The yellow pen is Artline Multipurpose Pen -RM2.30 each. Able to draw anywhere you want, from fabric, wood, paper...etc. Later I was attracted by the Pentel Pafutte tape deco. RM4 (np RM8++) I brought a love one and the duck one. The butterfly and the leaf one was cute, but all sold out. Some strawberry accesories on the most left.

Was side track again in the food section and got some tibits and candy.

Chinese books are divided into China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I was stuck on the Taiwan section as I see they offer alot cheap and lovely craft book. Brought some sewing books. On the left was a sewing book for baby, i just love the soft color picture and cute character, so I brought it and thinking maybe next time I could use it. This book on the left was 超人氣發燒貨!創意生活動手做 (ISBN:9789866673146) . On the right is a sewing book on bags 讓你愛不釋手的手作布包 (ISBN:9867167260)

Flower brooch book 簡簡單單做胸花 (ISBN:9789866952555)

I always wanted felt craft books, just sometimes I find felt is quite expensive in Malaysia and the books are quite costly sometimes. Was addicted to kawaii food and foodie stuff recently. Brought 2 books on felt food and cakes. Left book 用不織布作甜點 用不織布作甜點 (ISBN:9789867167552). Right book 不織布巧手屋 (ISBN:9578494807)

Clay book on foods, cakes, cookies and chocolate 甜蜜蜜手作黏土烘焙小舖 ISBN:9789578494879.

All are craft books except this is a travelling book to Cambodia, as I'm going to Cambodia this September.

Total 7 books for RM168.35. (Not including food and stationary). Quite worth it. I seldom buy so many books at 1 shot. I have some books that I love, just that I'm controling myself on buying them. Thinking on going another day for a second look on what are the books that I missed.

Anyone that is outside of KL, I can help you buy, but have to follow my TnC.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Swaping for FAA Fruits (sent)

Stop for a while for sending swap due to I spend quite some money on clay material, now getting back for craft materials swap. This time from FAA lucky parcel theme was fruits. I just love them. Colorful and bright with colors. I sew the pouch myself. But it wasn't that prefect. Hope my patners won't mind.

Happy swaping!

click on picture to enlarge

Acrylic colors

These are the acrylic colors I use to mix with my clay.

This is the economical pack of acrylic colors that I brought from ART FRIEND @ The Gardens. RM15.90 for 18 colors. Just a basic start up that I can have all colors that I want. Because the bigger tube are more expensive. When you want the color more, you can start to buy those big tubes one. But the quality of this brand isn't that good. The colors seems you need to add alot to get the desire colors. While adding colors, the clay become more sticky to your hand.

I got this one as I need to do chocolates for my clay. This tube cost me about RM6.90 that I can use for ages. It is so suitable for doing dark chocolate stuffs. My friends ask me to go for this brand - MARIE'S or ALPHA. You can get these from any ART shop near your house. This brand will be more easy on mixing your desired colors. I brought this at Venus ART at Petaling Street.

Bag maddness

I love bags, more that I love clothes.

When to take stock last weekend. Ended up buy more for myself.

For my first sight, I was in love with this bag. I choose the black color for this bag. It looks elegant but due to my poor camera quality, it looks not that nice. Was a hot item on the our shop and customer loves light pink and the white one the most. There is a sling belt stripe to allow me to use as a sling bag.

Another bag that I brought was this small cratch. White color. Wao~~ it is just very suitable for dinner or even wedding. I don't have this kind of dinner bag, so I grab one. This bag is very worth as it can be use as 3 use. The metal round handle can be remove and it will act as a cratch. With the metal round handle it will be a handbag. And there is a metal stripes for sling bag purpose. Available colors: black, white, sliver, copper.

Got this sling bag- pink color Adidas one too. Just love the colors. I'm taking it to work today.

This was the one suppose to be a present for my sister graduation, but ended up letting it go for the shop because the ready stock was sold for the first day.

Anyone interested, can visit the shop, or drop me a comment.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Food Store demolish at Desa Setapak

Was just too shock yesterday that I see almost 7 Chinese Food Store being tear down at Desa Setapak. From heart you will feel very pity for them. How many workers are working at those coffee shop. How many people has lost their jobs.

For what I known, these hawkers are at there for quite some time, more then 10 year I guess. From the 1st day I stay at wangsa maju, the shop is already there. Some stores have nice food. So next time where are we going to get chinese food??

The most angry part is why only chinese stores are tear down, and the Malay store near LRT and Menara Alpha are still there. Just can't understand why. Politic again??

At first was the saman they give after the election. Now demolishing stores that are for there over 10 year. Why don't these people spend time on crime cases but to this issue?

I just feel more and more pity/kesian on those hawkers.

More picture you can visit chinese cari, malay cari, wee choo keong Blog.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sunset, camera

A beautiful sunset, but due to my camera limitation, i seems like a light from far.

Anyone have suggestion on camera. I need a camera mainly on capture detail picture such as accesories, bags, clothers, earring, crafts. Plus it can be use in normal people photo taking and travel use.

A promoter recomand me Canon power shor A720IS - a semi auto camera. But it looks not that nice compare to those compact cameras such as Canon Ixus 80IS / 860IS or olympus mju 830 camera. These are the camera model that the promoter recommended, but one booth is saying another booth their bad things and don't really know who to believe. Anyone have any suggestion??

Kawaii lovers

I just love kawaii stuff. And I think I'm kinda a bit too old for that.

An little girl online ask me to buy some Japanese brand kawaii stuff for her. Ended up I buy more for myself.

1.Kawaii mini gift box in cookies and sweet
2.Candy, sweet, cakes, ice-cream loose sheet stickers
3.Colorful elephants stickers. Every elephant is with different color and different pattern. I love this so much
4.Mini Memo pads in food character

I'm telling myself to stop buying or swaping kawaii stuff. But I just couldn't stop.

Different try on Clay

Was influence by some online crafters on clay and started my journey on clay. Some friends would ask on what clay I'm using and how does it feel. Well this post I will be writing on CLAYS.

Resin clay 树脂粘土

The texture of resin clay is more elastic. The resin clay I use is air dry. No need to bake. It takes almost 1 day to be harden. Very strong after it is harden.
It won't chip or crack after it is dry. Even not crack if it is drop. I brought from Meiwei the resin clay 500g for RM35. It is white in color. If you want to mix color, buy acrylic colors to mix on. I brought a 18 colors tiny bottles of acrylic color for basic colors, but these colors takes longer time to get the final result. If you need a color more, try to buy those tube arcylic colors. Western brand arcylic colors are more good. Need only several mix on colors to get the end result. Resin clay tend to be abit sticky after mixing colors. So remember to apply hand lotion/body lotion to your hand to prevent the resin clay to stick on your hand.

Light weighted Clay 超轻粘土

Jumping clay / Iclay
Usually it is pre-pack with ready mix colors. Colors are bright and colorful. Basic color including white, black, yellow, red and blue. With these basic colors, we can mix into other colors that we want. I love this clay because you no need to spend time on mixing the colors as all colors are ready mix. It is also air dry. Suitable for children, but it is very suitable for beginners on clay. I brought another brand - Jumpling clay from ART FRIEND - THE GARDENS as it have a nicer smell then Iclay. You can get Iclay at Midvalley at the Lower Ground Floor.

Japanese brand light weighted clay.

This was my 1st clay that I brought. It is consider light weigted clay or Moouse Clay. Air dry clay. I use it to make my ice-cream accessories. You can get this at Kinokuniya or Isetan STationary. A problem that I face using this clay is when I mix arcylic colors to this clay, when I roll the clay, it tends to crack and crack even more when it is dry. MAybe this brand need to buy those pre-mix color clay and not to add colors to mix the clay. Maybe I will get another pack of color clay later. The colors of this brand clay are more lighter.

Hope this help on beginners on clay making.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Donate to China earthquake victims!

TS told me that an earthquake have happen at China. I don't read newspaper and I couldn't feel how he felt after reading thru the newspaper. Some parents risk their life just to save their child. I was in tears when I heard him describe. He wanted to do some donation for this incident. But just don't know where to donate. I think alot people want to donate, but don't know where to donate.

I search online and found that several society and organisation like world vision, sinchew can walk in for donation. But we could not find a fax machine to fax it thru there. Today I saw at PC Fair at KLCC convension center we can walk in and donate. So any one work near by can drop in and donate. PC ends tomorow.

For those that couldn't make it, can go to this link: 爱心行动 刻不容缓 to see any place near by you to donate. MSN is just a good way to spread news. By adding a rainbow (R) in front of your msn name, they will donate $0.20 RMB to the victims. Just so easy. Anyone that have an MSN should do that.

Will go tomorow to help TS to donate.

click image to donate

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Wesak Day

A view at Tian Hou Gong. There have celebration on the wesak day. Just that we are clever enough to go there 1-2 days before. Else if go there on that day, sure very jam.

They didn't allow us to take any picture inside the hall. Inside the hall, there is a stage decorated with wesak day theme. There is a place for us to give flower, a place to help the god to bath, a tree to hang up your written wishes, a place that sell accesories, books, CD on god, a place written on stories about wesak day...

For those that miss this year may try your luck next year

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sold cream-cream

I was so glad that my cream-cream hair pin and handphone charm sold out 4 units. I was just glad that some one will recognise my work. Seems like alot people find it special and interesting. But that place still got 1 problem because they tend to ask for discount even the price is so low. I insist no discount. Unless they buy bulk orders from me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ice-cream, Lollipops, Cream

Finally manage to finish everything for the shop.

Here are some necklance. Blue lollipop necklance is my favorite. I just love the color combinations. This is made from resin clay, abit heavy, maybe next time can try using light weigth clay.

Cream with strawberry necklance, added a ribbon on top to make it more pinky.

Handmade mango flavor ice-cream with whip cream and a chocolate chip on top

Here are all handphone charms of single scoop of ice-cream. You can attach on your not only your handphone but also bags, keychain... anything. Comes with different flavour, from chocolate, mango, orange and corn.

Here is a detail picture of the ice-cream, some I added whip cream and some I stick with shinning beads.

Handphone accesseries of cream-cream.

Handmade hair pins of cream, each cream is added with either ribbons, strawberry or even dark heart shape chocolate chips. The orange one is an ice-cream with a ribbon behind. Below you can see more detail picture.

Handmade stuff I put a lot of efford on it, hope it sells well on the shop in Johor. Any one wants, just drop me an email. I do ship for international buyers too.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Coconut buttons

Coconut is something comman in Malaysia. From our studies in school last time, we know that there is multiple usage on the coconut, from the fruit to the leafs...

Last weekend I was at Penang, saw this cute coconut buttons from Queensbay mall. It was a small art and craft fair. There are several stores there, eg: clay crafts, patching crafts, felt, tradisional crafts, miniture ... I just manage to buy the Garden Buttons and the Flower Buttons that I love so much.

There is also I stall selling patch bags. And I chat with the lady, and guess what, it was the lady that meiwei mention that she is going to open a craft material - mainly imported fabric from Japan and USA at Queensbay Mall, Penang. But the price of the cloth are abit pricely, starting from RM40-RM80. It is so costly to craft.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Ice-cream with cream

Finaly manage to do something to sell at TS sister shop.

I was doing the small small parts, such as strawberry, chocolate heart shape chips... Mixing the color itself already taken such a long time.

A little bit thing that I done yesterday, not the end product yet. Just waiting for it to dry off. Different flavour of ice-cream - chocolate madness, corn, orange,mint, strawberry... Tasty right? Some have whip cream on top and which dark chocolate chip.

These are handphone accesories.
First of all, this is called mint with whip cream and cookies. The dark brown is chocolate cookie and there is whipped cream in the middle between the cookie and the ice-cream. Mint ice-cream is my favourite. I have added some shinning beads on top of the ice-cream so it won't look that dull. Hand sew green ribbon on top of the ice-cream.

2nd will be the strawberry cookie with whipped cream. The ribbon is to make it not that plain look.

More to be assemble today and hopefull can finish by tonight

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Multitasking IT Job

Was so busy this week. For some reason, I'm now the only IT person in the company.

Been coordinating on finding people on doing web design. Been doing several interview to seek someone to design web pages, siting down with my boss on the interview was tried. Althought I didn't talk that much, but still abit bore on listening the same explaination again and again.

Been searching for web hosting, no idea which one is good, just asking around my IT friends on which is best and good service.

Been going to lowyat buying a brand new PC for one of my staff~ no idea what to buy, just according to the budget and just ask them to quote and do it for me. 1st time buying PC onmy own.

Been seting up the new PC that I brought. Ended up founded that the power cable is not working.

Sigh~~ Why I need to do this?? How I wish I have an IT support here.

But still glad that I know how to buy a PC now, I know how to setup a PC. Sometimes thinking a positive way, its just good to learn new things rather then nothing to do and surfing the internet.

I'm scared they will ask me to setup outlook and the network too.... Need to learn soon.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Final package of FAA lucky parcel: Spring time (recieved)

Final lucky parcel from Craftsty have arrive. Wonderful package with tons of goodies. I love the buttons and small emblishments packs the most. Just lovely.

Here are the other 2 spring time lucky parcel that I got.


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