Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Different try on Clay

Was influence by some online crafters on clay and started my journey on clay. Some friends would ask on what clay I'm using and how does it feel. Well this post I will be writing on CLAYS.

Resin clay 树脂粘土

The texture of resin clay is more elastic. The resin clay I use is air dry. No need to bake. It takes almost 1 day to be harden. Very strong after it is harden.
It won't chip or crack after it is dry. Even not crack if it is drop. I brought from Meiwei the resin clay 500g for RM35. It is white in color. If you want to mix color, buy acrylic colors to mix on. I brought a 18 colors tiny bottles of acrylic color for basic colors, but these colors takes longer time to get the final result. If you need a color more, try to buy those tube arcylic colors. Western brand arcylic colors are more good. Need only several mix on colors to get the end result. Resin clay tend to be abit sticky after mixing colors. So remember to apply hand lotion/body lotion to your hand to prevent the resin clay to stick on your hand.

Light weighted Clay 超轻粘土

Jumping clay / Iclay
Usually it is pre-pack with ready mix colors. Colors are bright and colorful. Basic color including white, black, yellow, red and blue. With these basic colors, we can mix into other colors that we want. I love this clay because you no need to spend time on mixing the colors as all colors are ready mix. It is also air dry. Suitable for children, but it is very suitable for beginners on clay. I brought another brand - Jumpling clay from ART FRIEND - THE GARDENS as it have a nicer smell then Iclay. You can get Iclay at Midvalley at the Lower Ground Floor.

Japanese brand light weighted clay.

This was my 1st clay that I brought. It is consider light weigted clay or Moouse Clay. Air dry clay. I use it to make my ice-cream accessories. You can get this at Kinokuniya or Isetan STationary. A problem that I face using this clay is when I mix arcylic colors to this clay, when I roll the clay, it tends to crack and crack even more when it is dry. MAybe this brand need to buy those pre-mix color clay and not to add colors to mix the clay. Maybe I will get another pack of color clay later. The colors of this brand clay are more lighter.

Hope this help on beginners on clay making.


Sing Yee said...

Wow... Thanks for posting this up. Is acrylic paint expensive? I thought they're good quality and mostly used by artists and designers?

I've used air-dried Japanese lightweight clay before. I received two colours - white and black - from a swap. The end result is a rubbery kind of texture, not hard, but still not durable enough for my liking. That's why I bought polymer clay.

Is the texture of Iclay/Jumping Clay the same as the Japanese clay?

Ciyou said...

I found the pictures on my computer and I did write a post on acrylic colors -
Yes, the acrylic colors are those artists and designer use paint.

The Jumpling clay is something like rubbery kind of clay, when it hardens, when you squeeze, its still like rubber type. But for the resin clay, when it is not dry, its some sort of rubbery kind, but when it is harden, it is like a stone. Plus abit heavy. Polymer clay I didn't buy because I think it is troublesome because it needs to be baked.

Erica said...

good luck with your clay work!
-rakuette (blog love)

Michelle said...

hi hi
where is the shop tat sells resin clay located? I wanna ask my relative to help me buy some and ship to me lolz
Would u mind letting me know?

Ciyou said...

Michelle: I brought my resin clay from a online freind - meiwei

♥ Karen ♥ said...

Hi ciyou,

I think I know I should buy at where!
I have clicked meiwei's link! I will buy from her.
You constantly buy from her?


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