Monday, May 12, 2008

Ice-cream, Lollipops, Cream

Finally manage to finish everything for the shop.

Here are some necklance. Blue lollipop necklance is my favorite. I just love the color combinations. This is made from resin clay, abit heavy, maybe next time can try using light weigth clay.

Cream with strawberry necklance, added a ribbon on top to make it more pinky.

Handmade mango flavor ice-cream with whip cream and a chocolate chip on top

Here are all handphone charms of single scoop of ice-cream. You can attach on your not only your handphone but also bags, keychain... anything. Comes with different flavour, from chocolate, mango, orange and corn.

Here is a detail picture of the ice-cream, some I added whip cream and some I stick with shinning beads.

Handphone accesseries of cream-cream.

Handmade hair pins of cream, each cream is added with either ribbons, strawberry or even dark heart shape chocolate chips. The orange one is an ice-cream with a ribbon behind. Below you can see more detail picture.

Handmade stuff I put a lot of efford on it, hope it sells well on the shop in Johor. Any one wants, just drop me an email. I do ship for international buyers too.


Sing Yee said...

Wow! You've been busy! Those ice creams look simply yummie! *Seen your latest post* Malaysians are like that one. They want something badly, but are not willing to spend that much. I suppose a lot of times we are like that ourselves. But I really support what you did. Handmade stuff needs effort, creativity and careful details. That's what makes the price, and why they're worth buying. It's not about getting a discount. If you truly appreciate the work, you shouldn't have a problen giving it its worth. Although sometimes, if you have repeat customers, you can offer discounts for their benefit so that you have steadfast buyers. :)

I wonder if I've asked you before... If you don't mind me asking, how does the resin clay work? Does it need baking? Or is it air-dried?

Seok Liew said...

looks cute, gambate!!!!!!!

squall said...

so cute and beautiful...can i have green tea ice-cream...haha

mangosteenskin said...

hi ciyou...

what's the wheaping cream made of? how did u get the clay evenly colored? or is it a readily colored one? what u did w the ice cream scoop is amazing. look yummy. hehe. u totally inspired me dear.

Ciyou said...

sing yee: Thanks for your comments, about the resin clay, you can read here in my different clay post

seok liew & squall: Thanks

mangosteenskin: wheaping cream is made from silicon, you can use clay to do it also. If u want to color clay, you can mix with arcylic colors. Ice-cream I did it with light weighted clay. Thanks for your lovely comments

♥ Karen ♥ said...

Hi! Nice to meet you. I am Karen from Ipoh. Currently study at Malacca. I play poupeegirl too. I also very interested in making Japanese's clay macaroon and clay icing. I have read a lot info from the internet. I tried it then. After more than half year time, finally I stop at your site. Thank you very much for sharing many clay info here.

I have some questions? What's the different between polymer clay and resin clay? Which one is better?

By the way I have successfully made fake icing by using a material called 'filler'. It is much cheaper than silicone. But cannot mixed with water, it will crack.

Hope to exchange more info with you! I will add you at poupeegirl.
My poupee named: Reamer!

Ciyou said...

polymer clay is oven bake clay.
resin clay is air dry clay.
It really depands on what option you want to use.
But resin clay is much more cheaper then polymer clay.

By the way, what is the "filler" you mention? Can you should me a picture of it??

I have add you are poupee too. Have a nice day.

Seok Liew said...

how much is this series?

really long time din check your blog, many nice things. very impressive.

any way, anything cute for baby? i would like to sell it at my online store.


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