Friday, May 23, 2008

Bag maddness

I love bags, more that I love clothes.

When to take stock last weekend. Ended up buy more for myself.

For my first sight, I was in love with this bag. I choose the black color for this bag. It looks elegant but due to my poor camera quality, it looks not that nice. Was a hot item on the our shop and customer loves light pink and the white one the most. There is a sling belt stripe to allow me to use as a sling bag.

Another bag that I brought was this small cratch. White color. Wao~~ it is just very suitable for dinner or even wedding. I don't have this kind of dinner bag, so I grab one. This bag is very worth as it can be use as 3 use. The metal round handle can be remove and it will act as a cratch. With the metal round handle it will be a handbag. And there is a metal stripes for sling bag purpose. Available colors: black, white, sliver, copper.

Got this sling bag- pink color Adidas one too. Just love the colors. I'm taking it to work today.

This was the one suppose to be a present for my sister graduation, but ended up letting it go for the shop because the ready stock was sold for the first day.

Anyone interested, can visit the shop, or drop me a comment.

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