Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Donate to China earthquake victims!

TS told me that an earthquake have happen at China. I don't read newspaper and I couldn't feel how he felt after reading thru the newspaper. Some parents risk their life just to save their child. I was in tears when I heard him describe. He wanted to do some donation for this incident. But just don't know where to donate. I think alot people want to donate, but don't know where to donate.

I search online and found that several society and organisation like world vision, sinchew can walk in for donation. But we could not find a fax machine to fax it thru there. Today I saw at PC Fair at KLCC convension center we can walk in and donate. So any one work near by can drop in and donate. PC ends tomorow.

For those that couldn't make it, can go to this link: 爱心行动 刻不容缓 to see any place near by you to donate. MSN is just a good way to spread news. By adding a rainbow (R) in front of your msn name, they will donate $0.20 RMB to the victims. Just so easy. Anyone that have an MSN should do that.

Will go tomorow to help TS to donate.

click image to donate

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