Monday, May 26, 2008

Bookfest 2008

Just back from the bookfest several hours ago. My office is quite near to the klcc convention center. So I went there after my working hours.

I was expexting little crowd today as it is a normal working day, but I guess this week is school holiday. I could see alot of parents taking their kids, teenager around.

Bookfest per entry is RM2, you will get a booklet of catalog and the entry pass wrist band. This catalog was available for sale at any popular bookstore and I kinda flip thru tis booklet before. I was interested in 1 felt book that was extreemly cheap.

When entering, the crowd wasn't that bad. The 1st section - Hall 5 was those english books, including english kids books, novel, story book, fiction.... As I walk towards the Hall 1, continue with Malay book and started stationary. At the stationary section I spend quite some time as I found what I wanted, which is the Artline T-shirt Marker pen - black color, that was out of stock at kinokunoya.

The Artline T-shirt Marker was RM3.60, Kino selling RM4.50. I brought 2 colors - pink and black. The lady told me because the fair they are selling that cheap. The yellow pen is Artline Multipurpose Pen -RM2.30 each. Able to draw anywhere you want, from fabric, wood, paper...etc. Later I was attracted by the Pentel Pafutte tape deco. RM4 (np RM8++) I brought a love one and the duck one. The butterfly and the leaf one was cute, but all sold out. Some strawberry accesories on the most left.

Was side track again in the food section and got some tibits and candy.

Chinese books are divided into China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I was stuck on the Taiwan section as I see they offer alot cheap and lovely craft book. Brought some sewing books. On the left was a sewing book for baby, i just love the soft color picture and cute character, so I brought it and thinking maybe next time I could use it. This book on the left was 超人氣發燒貨!創意生活動手做 (ISBN:9789866673146) . On the right is a sewing book on bags 讓你愛不釋手的手作布包 (ISBN:9867167260)

Flower brooch book 簡簡單單做胸花 (ISBN:9789866952555)

I always wanted felt craft books, just sometimes I find felt is quite expensive in Malaysia and the books are quite costly sometimes. Was addicted to kawaii food and foodie stuff recently. Brought 2 books on felt food and cakes. Left book 用不織布作甜點 用不織布作甜點 (ISBN:9789867167552). Right book 不織布巧手屋 (ISBN:9578494807)

Clay book on foods, cakes, cookies and chocolate 甜蜜蜜手作黏土烘焙小舖 ISBN:9789578494879.

All are craft books except this is a travelling book to Cambodia, as I'm going to Cambodia this September.

Total 7 books for RM168.35. (Not including food and stationary). Quite worth it. I seldom buy so many books at 1 shot. I have some books that I love, just that I'm controling myself on buying them. Thinking on going another day for a second look on what are the books that I missed.

Anyone that is outside of KL, I can help you buy, but have to follow my TnC.


squall said...

i also went there yesterday after work...i bought 3 books...

Maureen said...

Looks as if you had a really good day. Isn't it great to find things you really want??


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