Thursday, May 08, 2008

Multitasking IT Job

Was so busy this week. For some reason, I'm now the only IT person in the company.

Been coordinating on finding people on doing web design. Been doing several interview to seek someone to design web pages, siting down with my boss on the interview was tried. Althought I didn't talk that much, but still abit bore on listening the same explaination again and again.

Been searching for web hosting, no idea which one is good, just asking around my IT friends on which is best and good service.

Been going to lowyat buying a brand new PC for one of my staff~ no idea what to buy, just according to the budget and just ask them to quote and do it for me. 1st time buying PC onmy own.

Been seting up the new PC that I brought. Ended up founded that the power cable is not working.

Sigh~~ Why I need to do this?? How I wish I have an IT support here.

But still glad that I know how to buy a PC now, I know how to setup a PC. Sometimes thinking a positive way, its just good to learn new things rather then nothing to do and surfing the internet.

I'm scared they will ask me to setup outlook and the network too.... Need to learn soon.

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