Friday, May 23, 2008

Acrylic colors

These are the acrylic colors I use to mix with my clay.

This is the economical pack of acrylic colors that I brought from ART FRIEND @ The Gardens. RM15.90 for 18 colors. Just a basic start up that I can have all colors that I want. Because the bigger tube are more expensive. When you want the color more, you can start to buy those big tubes one. But the quality of this brand isn't that good. The colors seems you need to add alot to get the desire colors. While adding colors, the clay become more sticky to your hand.

I got this one as I need to do chocolates for my clay. This tube cost me about RM6.90 that I can use for ages. It is so suitable for doing dark chocolate stuffs. My friends ask me to go for this brand - MARIE'S or ALPHA. You can get these from any ART shop near your house. This brand will be more easy on mixing your desired colors. I brought this at Venus ART at Petaling Street.

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