Thursday, May 22, 2008

Food Store demolish at Desa Setapak

Was just too shock yesterday that I see almost 7 Chinese Food Store being tear down at Desa Setapak. From heart you will feel very pity for them. How many workers are working at those coffee shop. How many people has lost their jobs.

For what I known, these hawkers are at there for quite some time, more then 10 year I guess. From the 1st day I stay at wangsa maju, the shop is already there. Some stores have nice food. So next time where are we going to get chinese food??

The most angry part is why only chinese stores are tear down, and the Malay store near LRT and Menara Alpha are still there. Just can't understand why. Politic again??

At first was the saman they give after the election. Now demolishing stores that are for there over 10 year. Why don't these people spend time on crime cases but to this issue?

I just feel more and more pity/kesian on those hawkers.

More picture you can visit chinese cari, malay cari, wee choo keong Blog.

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