Thursday, May 31, 2007

3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle from Japan

The 1st time I listen to this, it takes me times to understand it.
My sister boy friend give her as a birthday present recently, and when she told me its a 3D puzzle, I was puzzled. Haha. Can't imagine how it is look like and how it will be 3D. Until today I saw this at Isetan KLCC. Was amaze of it. Finally got to know what is that. Its cute. But the price is expensive. One Mickey Mouse cause RM100 per puzzle. At the above picture is what it will be when you manage to fix up the puzzle. I like the Hello Kitty puzzle the most.

A new thing to me.

New Embroidery Machines

Saw this New Embroidery Machines at craftzine this morning, was excited. Its like computerize system enable them to select the design on it and the machine will sew by it self. Wanna have one one day. Cool ~~

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I always have a problem in buying shoes...
I always choose those 50% and 70% discount shoes, ended up they are not that comfortable and nice to wear. But what i really think is if those 50% discount shoes and not that comfortable, if I use original price to buy and its not comfortable, then will waste money too.

Recently I was wanting to see what shoe that is suitable for me. Hence I when to Mark Spencer at KLCC. Things at there are not cheap, but just a survay for me. Ended up I found this shoe is the best for me. Its high heel and when I wear it, I feel comfortable even thought it is high heal. For me I can only wear UK size 3, the smallest of them all. But this pair of shoe will cost me RM250++.. Walau... I still can't afford a shoe of this price. But this will be one of my goal. I'm sick and tired of cheap cheap shoes that can only last for 3 months. And it hurt my feet too...

Monday, May 28, 2007



Daily Blogs Read

Tons of RSS Blog feed to read at Monday morning. Due to weekends I didn't read them, so tons to read.

Let me share some stuff that is interesting on those blog that I read.

1. Crafts
Modishoppe // Birdie Keychains
The adorbale quotient is high with Kwoozy and these felt bird keychains!
Birdie Keychains Birdie Keychains

Modishoppe // Owl + Pin Sets
These handmade, super soft felt owls with fabric bellies are sure to make you smile wherever you place them and they fit inside the palm of your hand!
Owl + Pin Sets

Lolly Brolly Set
The set comes in a set of 3 pin brooches - the main umbrella brooch and 2 accessories brooches - the rain drops and the lightning bolts with 2 detachable metal chains.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

HP Compaq Presario V3000

HP Compaq Presario V3000

Finally me and TS got a new computer - HP Compaq Presario V3000 . Hurray.
We signed up the streamyx promotion last month and we got our new laptop. We get the laptop package with upgraded version. According to TS, this laptop worth RM3500++ at market that time. With 0% interest using credit card, total up RM4000++ plus 2 years subsription of 1Mbps internet connection. Cool~~

This new HP Compaq Presario V3000 is very nice at 1st view. The sound button,start up button is touch pad style with blue color lighting. I love the look of it. Looks so morden.

But I was disappointed with the Windows Vista which is included into our laptop. Sigh~. We only have 512MB of ram. With Windows Vista, the processing speed of the laptop is so slow. That means we cannot open too much IE in one time. I cannot open IE and search for information, while watching movie at the same time. If I open too much things at the same time, it take like 1 minute to run the request. Which is sucks.... Need to buy extra RAM then. At least upgrade until 1G of RAM. Why windows would want to do like that.....

Friday, May 25, 2007

My new mobile phone, SE K750 :)

Last few post, I have posted that I would want to have a new handphone - SE W810. I ask a friend of mine to help be buy as he can get dealer's price (which I don't think its dealer price as is the same price as outside shops). But one thing good is those accesories are 100% real parts. Alot of mobile phone shops nowadays are replacing those spare part with fake, imitation or second hand to earn more money.

From early April I ask him to buy, but until May I haven't got the phone. Either the color I don't want, either the included memory size is not enough... etc. I was thinking of getting the latest one W610 when it 1st come out at mid April.

But thank god I didn't manage to buy one. Because my lovely bf help me to find the most cheapest phone is the EARTH ~ SE K750 for just RM200. :) Second hand phone but looks like new. Plus its with Memory card of 512MB. (New handphone only comes with 64MB memory card) Cool~

Althought its not my "dream phone", but its so worth it. I can always flash to a Walkman phone of W800 Software when I am sick of this function. Walkman phone's can listen music anywhere will browsing the phone but not the K series.

Altought I got this phone with a much cheaper price, but I still keep it as I brought a new one. Not because it's cheap then can simply damage it.
A friend said: "Aiyo, RM200 phone spoil also nevermind".
I am thinking: "RM200 not money r??"

Howl's Moving Castle Paper Craft

Found this on the forum, this is amazing ~ paper craft of Howl's Moving Castle. The movie is one of my favorite animation. And the castle is such a amazing art work. Cool!

Besides, there are several others different cards, such as pop up cards, Origami ... etc

Source from: Paperkraft
Download template

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Handmade Flower corsage + hair pin

This is my handmade flowers.
First time I see those flower corsage at KLCC, I was attracted to it. Somemore those Japanese, Taiwanese Magazine shown how they use Corsage as their accesories in their dresses. But I didn't buy due to its abit pricly at Isetan KLCC. That place is always expensive compare to elseware, but I couldn't find any shop that time selling this kinda stuff. So here I come up with this handmade flowers.

Flower Corsage that you can pin on your dress, bag, belt.
greenish blue flower brooch with ribbon and lace

Flower hairpin as a decoration on your head. See the corsage on my head.....
purple bead flower hair pin purple bead flower hair pin at my hair

More of my experiement flowers...
felt made flower corsage pink flower with ring pink flower with ring - detail look

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SHE (獨唱情歌 - TANK and SELINA )

I'm currently listening to this song, even my handphone also this song. Love it. So nice.

獨唱情歌 - TANK and SELINA

词:姚若龙 曲:tank



SHE at Wikipedia
SHE Wretch Blog



Monday, May 21, 2007

Ten SEO Levels

Found this page today - Ten SEO Levels.
It seems like understand what I feel, what I'm going thru now. What delima I'm facing. It's so true. I'm still on the level 4-5. Learning more and more, but still not yet enough to make my page reach on the top 10 search engine. I can't simply change the content of the site. Because it's my company coperate site. It must be presentable to the clients, but yet not so optimise for the search engine. Seems like I don't have any idea how to fix it. Maybe I should move to other pages rather stick at the homepage and feel useless.

After reading this article, I seems have much more engery to work at it. I feel not satisfy if I can't fix anything about it. I want to master at this SEO Skill as it benefits others. But I'm learning on my own without any guidance or help. Just thru myself self study from website and forum.....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Back To Penang ~ Home Town

I got my new handphone and when I gone back, I manage to take some of this picture that for memory of my home. This will make me not that home sick.

This is a penguin Alarm Clock that my father brought for us both sister when we are young, i think as in high school time. It was with his 2 small wings at 1st, but ended up today without 2 wings. It was smash when we were closing the alarm everyday at that time, because we need to wake up at 6am, that's why the wings was smash by us. Now this clock is not functioning any more, I won't not want to throw it as its still looks good. Now its place at my room.
Penguin Alarm Clock

This is my home living room, looks like very crowd, full with things. My mum collection of chinese olden pots and lots of trophy, but non of them are mine. My other sisters and brothers trophy. There are more excel then me. Sigh~~ But I like this place of my house. I would lay down lazy at the carpat or the chair and relax by watching TV or chit chat with my parents and sisters.

Miss this place already.
My Penang Home living Hall

Friday, May 18, 2007


I wanted to have my handmade plush after I see so much example online. I did it and the template was from yoonie-at-home

I sew in using hand cause I don't have a sewing machine. Maybe because I'm so lack of patiance, ended up my snoogems looks not the same as others and looks SAD.

Thanks for the encourgagement from Yoonie and she have post my snoogems at her page.

Her snoogem template is here.

Next time I could sew one for my friends as presents. I think they will like it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

pompoms - 蓬蓬球玩偶

我会做这个:蓬蓬球, 但又不会做蓬蓬球玩偶。这本书在kinokuniya klcc看到,好简单,好可爱,售价是RM17.00。还不是很贵,只是觉得太容易,单靠看看都可以做了。就去找找他图来参考。

書名 : 簡單‧可愛!蓬蓬球玩偶
出品商 / ISBN : 萬里機構.萬里書店 / 9789621435637
出版日期 : 2007年4月13日

More ebook:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kniting video

Online kniting video

它好像是catalog似的,介绍好多diy kit。在日本就好,那样多收工,不知我到日本会疯狂购买手艺吗?

明年有得去日本, 但要努力。得把这些东西拿来看看,或粘在墙上,每天看,看了就会出门。


Crystal is something special, which people say that it have special powers in it. Its something like jade. Jade also helps people is some way. That's why Facial Jade Gua Sha (a chinese tradisional way to do facial, very effective in improving skin clarity, skin smoothes, reduce extra water at face and promotes face circulation)
Here is some of the description in chinese of each cystal and its function. I have one pink and purple one. Aimming to get a yellow one. Wanna more wealth nowadays.

More detail info:,

Friday, May 11, 2007

Venie Tee

She is a Malaysian Fashion Designer
1st known her thru KLCC Isetan. Because there is a booth there. Actually I love the accessories more. Very creatative and nice. Her dress is quite costly, maybe because she is a fashion desginer. Her design is special as you won't find another copy else anywhere. But when I browse her dress at KLCC, found that the cloths are from Japan. These are what I saw from the internet. Where people use japanese designer clothes to make bag which sell more then USD30. Thats expensive. But the cloth is expensive too. I saw it from Kitty crafts at website. Cools. Cloths with have owl, rabbit..... which I can't find in Malaysia.

Here is her blog, friendster and some images of her clothes.

Resources from: PhotoKaki

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Golden Hello Kitty Purse

I love it from the 1st look of this purse.
But I consider alot things the 1st time I attempt to buy. Will I look childish if I buy? Because it is Hello Kitty? RM50 for a purse like that, is is worth?
Wondering for quite some time, I finally decided to buy it. It doesn't look childish because its golden color. Plus gold color is the popular color for 2007. Plus I like the kitty look face infront of this purse. And the sparkling beads on the zip makes it more elegant. But one bad thing of the purse is, it doesn't fit in too much cards, as it will make the card compartment too bulky to close over. So I ended up not putting any cards in one of the car compartment. But I have 4 more to put. Others additional cards I will put at the coin area.

Here is the coin compartment:

Side view:

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ocean color bag

Its a special design bag. You can't find duplicate bag of this in Malaysia.

I like the smooth green color of the bag.
I purchase it end of last year, when I was shopping at Queensbay mall in Penang. It kinda unique in one way as it is elegant looking. Best use in a dinner. But not really suitable for working, as it is hand held bag.

This bag got inner linning, which is the what I most concern about. I like bags which have good looking linning which partition. This bag have good inner linning, which means that the linning is sew in better materials - cloth, rather then plastic pvc linning which will tear anytime.

Love this bag alot, but due to its cotton base, it get dirty easily. I love cotton/cloth base bag. If it's dirty, just wash them and it will be brand new again. This is better then fake leather or pvc. Those material tend to break of as tiny bits and bites and fell down on the floor. It make bags too ugly to take out although the bag is available to store things.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

SOCD 3/4/07

Husband and wife, don't wish that you are going to change your parters's attitude Don't try to change your partner. The only thing that you can do is - change yourself.How?By reading a BOOK.
by Anil and Sandhya


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