Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A, B, O, AB personality 性格

Do you know A, B, O, AB peoples have different personality? Here is a cute comic from a Korea comic author that draws on different personality from people on different blood type. Here is the chinese version of the comic. Sorry for those that don't understand chinese.

Some are so true. Me and bf is both O blood type. Every time he drive car will scold the driver infront or saying "Eh! Why so slow one?"

For me, I always come out late, even though I prepare everything, but ended up will be also late. And like the hanging picture comic, I will ask back: "why you don't want to hang, ask me hang. "

FAA lucky parcel: Spring time (recieved)

1st Spring time Goodies from blufairy19, tons of cute things on duckling, flowers, rabbits ... Just so colorful as what I love. Not to say I don't like it, but I prefer to receive fabrics and ribbons or sewing materials.

2nd spring time parcel I got. Lovely fabric she gave me and the ribbons I already use to make 1 of my craft - creamy goodies.

So it just the final parcel to be arrive. Hope I could get them by next week :) And here are the FAA Spring time lucky parcel that I sent.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FAA lucky parcel Purple [Received]

Here is what I sent for my FAA lucky parcel Purple and here are all the purple FAA lucky parcel I recieved. I feel so lucky and glad that I got alot of buttons, ribbons and fabric that I love

This was my 1st lucky parcel received from Alanna Yeo from Singapore sent me 2 fabric, ribbons and fancy buttons. I love the dragonfly frabic the most.

2nd one received from Terri Gurney (PumpkinSeedMama) from USA. At first I wasn't that impress with the packaging, but later when I open up the package, I just felt that I was so lucky. She sent me those small, bits of emblisments that I love them so much. Tons of goodies in her package.

3rd one from Cats and Dogs for Israel, it took quite a long time to arrive because she was not allow to sent things from her country to mine, so she sent to USA first and then her friend at USA sent it to me. I was glad and appreciate it. Lots of goodies from her too.

I am just so addicted to this swap

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Write poem for you 為你寫詩

Another nice song - 為你寫詩(Write poem for you) from 吳克群 Kenji Wu that I'm listening this few days.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cute illustration

I love this author's illustration - 25 Project alot, how I wish I could draw like him. This panda is extreemly cute. Visit his website here atcrowded teeth for more of his great art works

Friday, April 25, 2008

Candies Goodies

Another creation I made on the weekend. Just that I haven't clip all things together. I am so excited after seens the outcome. Just so yummy.

Made from soft light weighted clay. It's an handphone accesories which consist of a strawberry, candy, cream cream and a chocolate mint ice-cream. Waiting for MeiWei to sent me my resin clay so I can make more.

Available for sale or custom made.

Handmade Hair Pin

Remember I have blog that day I was doing some crocheting while waiting for my turn. Yesterday I manage to stick everything together and make this up.

Lucky Clover Leaf hair pin with Lady Bird. I made 2 of them. I just think they are cute

Purple flower hair pin. Gorgeous isn't it?

Purple flower, still deciding to make it as a brooch or a hair pin? What do you think??

Plan to sell them at TS Sister Shop at Johor, anyone wants them can leave me a comments. I will so sent for international buyers. Just drop me a message.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More craft ideas for today

Was a bit free today and manage to read thru my crafty feed list today. Find these links intresting. Just a list to make sure I try to create these some day.

Recycled rain jackets to waterproof nylon tote bag

Janome Shopping Tote - I just love tote handmade bags.

How To Needle Felt a Flower Brooch - Will want to try this because I have no idea how to do some thing with these felts.

A Cute Japanese Coin Purse - Just so cute, want to find the gold purse frame first.

teeny tiny fold-up shopping tote - Can fold into small piece and put it on your bags

Multiple spacing purse - Kinda difficult but it is still a nice one

Earth day bag / Eco-friendly bags are popular these day. And I love it.

Happy Birthday! Joyce Ooi

22nd April 2008 was Joyce Birthday, I wished her Happy Birthday as I know that she have appointments that night. Today I'm going to meet her for lunch. And giving her this present that I wrap yesterday. The small gift tag I made it from the present stamping that I crave and the colorful stamping ink that I brought that day. And I just love it.

I just love things that is handmade.

Pink deer coin purse

I receive this shinning blue coin purse with a pink kawaii deer last few weeks ago from Pensivenga. She was an angel for the I want coin purse swap. I was flake by 2 swappers out or 3 of my partners. She was just kind enough to sent that to me :)

I love the deer is just so cute. Love it. Thanks Pensivenga

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Book Lovers

Bought several book last month and this month. I just love zakka and craft book and magazine alot. I try to buy those chinese book (I can read chinese). Chinese craft books are much more cheap compare to English craft books or Japanese Title books. But sometimes no choice still need to buy those Japanese books. I can't wait until they get translated.

I'm now into sewing, stamping and clay. That why I brought these few books.

DIY玩佈置 11.12月號/2007 第30期
My favourite chinese DIY/Zakka/Craft magazine. But we always get backdated issue. Too bad. This issue of magazine teach on how wrap nice and unique gifts. More toward those zakka type of gift. I love it

Check out on my older post here
I tried some with the light weight clay that I buy. And its great. Waiting for my resin clay to come :)

A great book in basic knowledge of sewing. For those beginner in sewing like me. No teacher but a good book helps. It teach basic technique of sewing, how to different tools and materials, lesson on sewing bags, pouch, skirt and dress.

I love this book because her crave stamping are those Japanese zakka type patterns. Easy to follow description. Tons of pattern to choose from. I tried several small patterns from it. Searching bigger rubber pad so I can crave bigger patterns.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Olympic torch run

Was excited that the olympic torch run will pass by our office on monday. Many people was worries that will cause massive jam on the KL cities as all major road will be close. For me, it is still ok as I'm taking the LRT.

These are what the sponsors gave us, Coca-cola and Samsung Flag, Fan Ballon stick .. Hoping we will cheer when the torch come.

Waited for the torch for too long, well there are entertainment for the sponsors. Waited and waited and bad luck it RAINS

No choice but to go back to office. Actually our office able to look down to the road. but I would like to see the torch without the glasses.

Manage to see the torch from my office at around 5.30pm. It was rainning. The fire didn't went down. I think it was the stop for switching people as I see 2 people with the torch and another one continue running.

Was at KLCC later, but couldn't squeeze into the crowd and it was still raining, so better go back home.

At least I withness it on the office :)

More news on Olympic torch run at Malaysia at here, here and here

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Exhausted weekend

Was exhausted after 1 day trip on selecting goods for TS shop.Walk and rush thru alots of shop, brought alot of things.Wish that some clothers and bags are mine.Different people have different taste, those I love doesn't mean that customer will love.But I bet Hello Kitty is any girls or women loves. Manage to buy myself a pair of latest sunglasses and some nail stickers.Some nail stickers I pain to use for my cream cream craft stuff.Plan to do some small craft items to sell at the shop and to sell online too. Anyone interested can visit Poupee Collection to see the bags and clothers available.

Planning hard.

Doing some crochet that morning while waiting for my turn for a fortune telling. We waited at 7.30am until 10.15am just to see the fortune teller. Long time, but didn't feel that is long because I have my crochet on hand to do.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


有些人, 好奇怪,无端端发我的脾气。
是位陌生人, 在网上认识的。
懂她在书局工作, 就问问她有没有折扣在买书。
给了她ISBN, 希望她会早日回复。
她回复了, 叫我等。就等几天。没消息。就上网问问。
她要我星期日面交, 我没空, 就问问她可不可以上班时间偷偷出来见面。她就很生气的回答不可以。叫我明白她的处境。(好的,我明白)。我再问她你别天又没有空,比如星期五,她就发大脾气, 说我在催她, (奇怪我几时催过她,我只是想商量时间), 又说你只是一个陌生人,她不必要听我的指示,(奇怪我几时指示过他),又说快快给她我的地址,她要邮寄给我。(我多给点钱也不要去见她)。我很奇怪,为何她会如此愤怒,气的是什么?都不懂。
如果她嫌麻烦, 就一早不要答应我。
这样多天, 难道一本书都这样难找吗?为何马来人就是那样懒。(我本来没太大的偏见的,但这件事后, 真的越来越讨厌他们)
就比如我office的kakak也是一样, 就是懒惰洗放太久的杯,eh~ 是她的工作,为何要懒。
算了,有就有,没有也没关系啦。 还好还没给她钱。

Craft hunting

My recent craft hunting:
1. Rare Felts - gold color felts. I love blue, different tone of blue colors
2. Acrylic Paint - Colors for clay
3. Clay
4. Colorful stamp inks.

I brought them at Kinokuniya and Craft Friend at The Gardens.

That why I stop some swaps for this month due to need to buy some craft materials.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Snoogems Again

Remember I hand sew the Snoogems on last year I guess. The hand sew is making me impatient and the fabric is stretchable which makes my hand sewing more misirable.

This time I use non-stretchable fabric and it was sucessful. Just abit too thin. Haha.

The left handside is the NEW Snoogems that I have sew yesterday and at the right hand side is the OLD Snoogems. Such a difference. TS say the new one is good, just abit thin. The back of the new Snoogems I use a bear fabric and it looks so cute. Abit too small for adults to hug but fit perfect for those babies to hug.

Will be sewing more, but I would like to sew small Snoogems for keychain and handphone charms.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

你們是我的星光 You are my Star

Was addicted to this singing contest past few days ago. This was the 2nd Round Stars. A group singing. When I listen to it, I just feel touch. But before that you need to see how they compete, how they fail, how they stand up on the contest before you have this feel.

I remembered that the 1st time I listen was at a Taiwanese show, that time no feel at all.

Those singers are strong and very good and very talent.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FAA lucky parcel: Purple (Sent)

Its been a while that I almost forget this post, 2nd FAA lucky parcel that I have sent. Love purple alot. It's a bit of the theme butterflys

I got 2 parcel already, waiting for mt 3rd parcel to come.

Finally Rootote Came

Finally I got my rootote bags that I order last last month.

Don't be surprise, not all bags are mine, Only the poodle one is mine. Others are my friends one.

I love the owl one alot too, but when I give to TS to look, he loves the line one. Really different people have different prespective. The line one, I ordered 2 for 2 of my different friends.

The quality of the Rootote bags are quite good, fabric is thick enough. But just felt missing abit, because lack of zip on the main entrance.

Overall very satisfy

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

carving tools a new home

This 6 piece of carving tools was the use in my high school, I have dump the container. I was using an ugly green umbrella casing to store it. Until that day, I was cleaning up my desk and found this container that I got from my FAA lucky parcel: pink and white swap. While I find it good enough to store all my carving tools and the erasers too.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Handmade Eco friendly bags

Everyone where is just introducing Eco friendly bags to replace the usage of plastic bags. You can find a lot of department store such as Isetan, Jusco selling these bags.

Why not make yourself one. I did this from my sewing machine. Take tons of hours to do it. Because I have very little experience in sewing. But eventually it looks great. And there is a problem in the middle where I insert the wrong needle and the string keep on breaking. Sigh~

This shopping bag is a smaller version, not those you see on department store. It is quite similar to Roo-shopper bags. A plastic bag made by fabric. I was just do it for a testing. So I did a small one with brown pattern fabric in front and pink lining inside.

Although it is not perfect, but it was satisfying.

Get paid for posting

I found payperpost from my friend's blog - Joyce. I'm a web programmer in profession and would like to go into online marketing and SEO. Internet is a basic need in my life. I tend to search for solution of my work, research on my studies on SEO and online marketing. Even product reviews on the Internet have help me a lot. A good review on your website makes a positive view on your products and services. Recently I brought a craft book after have reads a lot of positive review on the book.

I blog things that I love, review on other people's website that I feel interesting (especially crafts, arts, fashion,design work). I think it is a good way that I can still post what I love at the mean while earning some money from payperpost While for the money I earn from payperpostI would like to spend them on my craft materials and books (they are expensive).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Retail Industry Survival

TS and her sister have a shop in their howetown. The shop is at a shopping mall where there is a big tenant and some small shops, its something similar to Jusco Alpha Angle but a smaller version of it. The competative there is just a mess. Even that small place, people step people and only want profit for themselves only. Why can't everyone sells something unique that other shops doesn't have. Not to say, they cannot sell the same item, but they just drop the price simply in order to get customers. Even small items like bra stripes, when we take to sell on the shop, other shops follow and mark a lower price then us.

The worst case is, the other shop seller, shop A even comes to our shop and stand there, obviously stealing our customer. If the customers wants something, she will say, my shop will going to sell this, next time you come to my shop and buy.

I just can't understand why they would do something like that. You sell yours product and I sell mine. Just don't step on my tail too long~~ I'm hoping her to get bad karma/etribution (报应) to her for what she did. Doing business doesn't mean you need to be so mean like that.

So next time we need to design our own dress and bags. (which I'm kinda interested at.) So we will have the unique's product of our own.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Stamping love

My new book that I brought last month, called 橡皮章生活雜貨 ISBN:9867039025 , Japanese book translated to Chinese. There is alot of cute stamping inside, different from another stamping book. Here in Malaysia have so less stamping pattern and those stamping pattern is so expensive. So I decided to carve myself.

Because it was just an initial try, so I buy those cheap errasers. I can't find those errasers that the book recommend. Those big big piece of errasers.

That why my carving got those green area on top.

Here is my carving stamps that I did for the past few days. The "Joy Word inside the Apple" and the "Love " STamps are I carve them simply. Base on what I like. The others are from the book. I love the apple the most. The present I have used them on my craft swap- FAA lucky parcel: spring time. I would want to buy more stamp ink color and those stamp ink for fabric. But the only place I can get its at 1-Utama. Anyone else know where can I get these stamp inks at KL??

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tone colors bag and pink color bag

After helping TS in stocking for his shop, I buy more and more bags, see these are the bag that I brought recently. I love the pink ribbon bag, it can be hand held, shoulder bag or as a sling bag too. Lovely isn't it. The grey bag is for my working bag, I carry it to work.:) This 2 bags are the latest in fashion, especially the one in pink color. Bright color is spring and summer must buy item.

I wanted some bright color shirts and pants too this seasion.

If anyone of you interested, can visit my shop blog.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Little Shopping Bags

Oh~~ I really need this - Little Shopping Bag, I think I'm going to do one of these, because I am taking this ugly, old fashion, aunty look "Wo Lai Yeh Dried Chickhen Meat 我来也肉干" paper bag to work everyday. Because I can't find a nicer bag to put my shoes and other things to work.

Need to seek for the canvas fabric (thicker fabric) when I visit the fabric shop again.

Cup coaster

I was so sick at Wednesday night, keep on rushing in and out of the toilet. So I manage to get an MC on Thursday, which is ysterday. The doctor gave me medicine and ask me to eat light non spicy, non fried food. After the medicine, my diarrhea stop. I start to do some household stuff, like cleaning the frigde. I suspect my diarrhea is cause by the frigde too much geams and baketeria becoz they are some rotten fruits inside it. Always know how to buy fruits, but it very hard to eat finish all the fruits alone. Sigh~~. Washing clothers, tidy up my stuffs. And I notice a bunch of sewing strings are on my room, these are big big rolls of sewing strings given by TS mum. I requested some from her, becuase she told me she have some on hand. I think these string will last for me for ages. So seens I have some time, I started to do some of my crafts stuff. Started on with the FAA bonus round: Spring Time Pacrel packing.

I brought a book called 自然風布製小物, ISBN:9868204674 for sewing, it was a Japanese traslated to chinese version book. Because I have no experience in sewing and thinking a book should help alot.

I start with some small items 1st. So I decided to try a cup coaster (杯垫), I see the pattern instruction of the book and start on cuting of fabrics. I manage to use the frabric scraps from my previous swap from FAA lucky parcel: pink and white. The 1st coaster was totally a failure. Size is not square, not 10 by 10cm, and abit.... I just was too confuse with the fabric measurements and the actual end product.

So my 2nd attempt I use my own way, without caring the frabric measurements instruction rather then using the template instruction. Yes, finally I manage to sew one good looking coaster. And I sew another one for matching piece. I finally understand why people loves quilting, because it just looks very good. Althought it is just very troublesome to patch pieces of fabric together, but the outcome was good!

Here is how you can put your cup on to it. I saw an article saying a fabric coaster is better then a plastic coaster because it can absorb extra water.

I would want to try some plain coaster, but I got the wrong fabric, it was a elastical fabric and it doesn't look good when I want to sew it as a coaster. So I change my idea and make it as a cushion pin. :)

Will try other pattern in the book before I get a new book.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

FAA Bonus Round: Spring Time (Sent)

No Spring in Malaysia, because it will be always summer and rainy days.

I love this theme because they are colorful ~

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Artistic Bears T-shirt

Anyone like these bears?? I think they are cool~~ I brought the middle one, the bear crying. And I think the 2nd and the 4th one from the left looks cool. Don't you think so?

Some say it is scary. What do you think??

1. Bear Smoking
2. Devil Bear
3. Bear crying
4. Joker bear
5. Tokyo Bear
[click on the links to see detail picture]

It is actually available for sale. S or M size. Leave me a comment if you are interested.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

small tasty food made from clay 黏土甜蜜小物

Today found an interesting new book, called 黏土甜蜜小物美味設計93款.

It is what I always see on poupee girl, those candies, cakes that the japanese girls did. This book is written in Japanese . HOpe it get translated into chinese so I could read on them.

I did it before, but just the cream cream deco, so some friend feedback is why is looks like shit like that? I think thats why I need to put some chocolate or strawberry into it so it don't look like shit.

That book above recommended using resin clay (树脂粘土), but I also saw the book recommend this brand 纸粘土,I saw it at Isetan, 1 pack around RM15-RM20. Some are plain white colors, some are with colors and even comes with the cream cream tube.

Some say luna clay is better.

Don't know which to buy la~~ anyone have any comments

I have so many crafts on hand to do, I want to try this clay, want to try crave stamp (I tried some yesterday- was fun), want to try to sew bags and plush. How I wish I have more time....


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