Sunday, April 20, 2008

Exhausted weekend

Was exhausted after 1 day trip on selecting goods for TS shop.Walk and rush thru alots of shop, brought alot of things.Wish that some clothers and bags are mine.Different people have different taste, those I love doesn't mean that customer will love.But I bet Hello Kitty is any girls or women loves. Manage to buy myself a pair of latest sunglasses and some nail stickers.Some nail stickers I pain to use for my cream cream craft stuff.Plan to do some small craft items to sell at the shop and to sell online too. Anyone interested can visit Poupee Collection to see the bags and clothers available.

Planning hard.

Doing some crochet that morning while waiting for my turn for a fortune telling. We waited at 7.30am until 10.15am just to see the fortune teller. Long time, but didn't feel that is long because I have my crochet on hand to do.

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