Monday, April 14, 2008

Get paid for posting

I found payperpost from my friend's blog - Joyce. I'm a web programmer in profession and would like to go into online marketing and SEO. Internet is a basic need in my life. I tend to search for solution of my work, research on my studies on SEO and online marketing. Even product reviews on the Internet have help me a lot. A good review on your website makes a positive view on your products and services. Recently I brought a craft book after have reads a lot of positive review on the book.

I blog things that I love, review on other people's website that I feel interesting (especially crafts, arts, fashion,design work). I think it is a good way that I can still post what I love at the mean while earning some money from payperpost While for the money I earn from payperpostI would like to spend them on my craft materials and books (they are expensive).

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