Tuesday, April 01, 2008

small tasty food made from clay 黏土甜蜜小物

Today found an interesting new book, called 黏土甜蜜小物美味設計93款.

It is what I always see on poupee girl, those candies, cakes that the japanese girls did. This book is written in Japanese . HOpe it get translated into chinese so I could read on them.

I did it before, but just the cream cream deco, so some friend feedback is why is looks like shit like that? I think thats why I need to put some chocolate or strawberry into it so it don't look like shit.

That book above recommended using resin clay (树脂粘土), but I also saw the book recommend this brand 纸粘土,I saw it at Isetan, 1 pack around RM15-RM20. Some are plain white colors, some are with colors and even comes with the cream cream tube.

Some say luna clay is better.

Don't know which to buy la~~ anyone have any comments

I have so many crafts on hand to do, I want to try this clay, want to try crave stamp (I tried some yesterday- was fun), want to try to sew bags and plush. How I wish I have more time....


Seok Liew said...

i make it with felt, will share with you the link if you interested.

cheerfuldelili said...

please share with me too, and do u 2 learn from books or learn from workshop?

Lai Wah said...


I came across your site while trying to search where to buy resin clay. My friend has this book (in Chinese) on how to make cute decorative stuff (animal-themed). The only problem here is that I can't find where in KL to buy the materials that was stated in the book!

Do you have information on where to buy these materials?


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