Monday, April 07, 2008

Stamping love

My new book that I brought last month, called 橡皮章生活雜貨 ISBN:9867039025 , Japanese book translated to Chinese. There is alot of cute stamping inside, different from another stamping book. Here in Malaysia have so less stamping pattern and those stamping pattern is so expensive. So I decided to carve myself.

Because it was just an initial try, so I buy those cheap errasers. I can't find those errasers that the book recommend. Those big big piece of errasers.

That why my carving got those green area on top.

Here is my carving stamps that I did for the past few days. The "Joy Word inside the Apple" and the "Love " STamps are I carve them simply. Base on what I like. The others are from the book. I love the apple the most. The present I have used them on my craft swap- FAA lucky parcel: spring time. I would want to buy more stamp ink color and those stamp ink for fabric. But the only place I can get its at 1-Utama. Anyone else know where can I get these stamp inks at KL??


phatelara said...

Cool! This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing! =)

Caffeaulait or Caffelatte said...

Wow! Good Job! Tried once but turned out really bad (lol). There's another link someone (DIY Obasan) from Singapore on handmade rubberstamps

Cmate said...

Not bad, the crafts you have here. Good work!

ichigo said...

ciyou, i found a great hobbies and craft shop in the gardens, huge and a lot of craft supplies! once u get in the shop, u will go out with many hobbies or DIY stuff to do in your list! cant really remember the shop like rakan something...check urself, maybe got ink stamp!

Yin Lim said...

ciyou..u can try to get ur ink pad from Valerie @ you go to her 'shop' to view the physical things..she has tonnes of scrapbooks supplies!! so far, the best online scrapbook shop in Malaysia...her price is reasonable! :)


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