Friday, April 04, 2008

Cup coaster

I was so sick at Wednesday night, keep on rushing in and out of the toilet. So I manage to get an MC on Thursday, which is ysterday. The doctor gave me medicine and ask me to eat light non spicy, non fried food. After the medicine, my diarrhea stop. I start to do some household stuff, like cleaning the frigde. I suspect my diarrhea is cause by the frigde too much geams and baketeria becoz they are some rotten fruits inside it. Always know how to buy fruits, but it very hard to eat finish all the fruits alone. Sigh~~. Washing clothers, tidy up my stuffs. And I notice a bunch of sewing strings are on my room, these are big big rolls of sewing strings given by TS mum. I requested some from her, becuase she told me she have some on hand. I think these string will last for me for ages. So seens I have some time, I started to do some of my crafts stuff. Started on with the FAA bonus round: Spring Time Pacrel packing.

I brought a book called 自然風布製小物, ISBN:9868204674 for sewing, it was a Japanese traslated to chinese version book. Because I have no experience in sewing and thinking a book should help alot.

I start with some small items 1st. So I decided to try a cup coaster (杯垫), I see the pattern instruction of the book and start on cuting of fabrics. I manage to use the frabric scraps from my previous swap from FAA lucky parcel: pink and white. The 1st coaster was totally a failure. Size is not square, not 10 by 10cm, and abit.... I just was too confuse with the fabric measurements and the actual end product.

So my 2nd attempt I use my own way, without caring the frabric measurements instruction rather then using the template instruction. Yes, finally I manage to sew one good looking coaster. And I sew another one for matching piece. I finally understand why people loves quilting, because it just looks very good. Althought it is just very troublesome to patch pieces of fabric together, but the outcome was good!

Here is how you can put your cup on to it. I saw an article saying a fabric coaster is better then a plastic coaster because it can absorb extra water.

I would want to try some plain coaster, but I got the wrong fabric, it was a elastical fabric and it doesn't look good when I want to sew it as a coaster. So I change my idea and make it as a cushion pin. :)

Will try other pattern in the book before I get a new book.

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