Friday, April 11, 2008

Retail Industry Survival

TS and her sister have a shop in their howetown. The shop is at a shopping mall where there is a big tenant and some small shops, its something similar to Jusco Alpha Angle but a smaller version of it. The competative there is just a mess. Even that small place, people step people and only want profit for themselves only. Why can't everyone sells something unique that other shops doesn't have. Not to say, they cannot sell the same item, but they just drop the price simply in order to get customers. Even small items like bra stripes, when we take to sell on the shop, other shops follow and mark a lower price then us.

The worst case is, the other shop seller, shop A even comes to our shop and stand there, obviously stealing our customer. If the customers wants something, she will say, my shop will going to sell this, next time you come to my shop and buy.

I just can't understand why they would do something like that. You sell yours product and I sell mine. Just don't step on my tail too long~~ I'm hoping her to get bad karma/etribution (报应) to her for what she did. Doing business doesn't mean you need to be so mean like that.

So next time we need to design our own dress and bags. (which I'm kinda interested at.) So we will have the unique's product of our own.


Seok Liew said...

you are rite, you should sell you own art work, which is not a commercial product, others hard to copy. so you can sell at ur own price.

dont give up, gambate ne!!!

Ciyou said...

Thanks seok Liew


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