Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Olympic torch run

Was excited that the olympic torch run will pass by our office on monday. Many people was worries that will cause massive jam on the KL cities as all major road will be close. For me, it is still ok as I'm taking the LRT.

These are what the sponsors gave us, Coca-cola and Samsung Flag, Fan Ballon stick .. Hoping we will cheer when the torch come.

Waited for the torch for too long, well there are entertainment for the sponsors. Waited and waited and bad luck it RAINS

No choice but to go back to office. Actually our office able to look down to the road. but I would like to see the torch without the glasses.

Manage to see the torch from my office at around 5.30pm. It was rainning. The fire didn't went down. I think it was the stop for switching people as I see 2 people with the torch and another one continue running.

Was at KLCC later, but couldn't squeeze into the crowd and it was still raining, so better go back home.

At least I withness it on the office :)

More news on Olympic torch run at Malaysia at here, here and here

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