Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Book Lovers

Bought several book last month and this month. I just love zakka and craft book and magazine alot. I try to buy those chinese book (I can read chinese). Chinese craft books are much more cheap compare to English craft books or Japanese Title books. But sometimes no choice still need to buy those Japanese books. I can't wait until they get translated.

I'm now into sewing, stamping and clay. That why I brought these few books.

DIY玩佈置 11.12月號/2007 第30期
My favourite chinese DIY/Zakka/Craft magazine. But we always get backdated issue. Too bad. This issue of magazine teach on how wrap nice and unique gifts. More toward those zakka type of gift. I love it

Check out on my older post here
I tried some with the light weight clay that I buy. And its great. Waiting for my resin clay to come :)

A great book in basic knowledge of sewing. For those beginner in sewing like me. No teacher but a good book helps. It teach basic technique of sewing, how to different tools and materials, lesson on sewing bags, pouch, skirt and dress.

I love this book because her crave stamping are those Japanese zakka type patterns. Easy to follow description. Tons of pattern to choose from. I tried several small patterns from it. Searching bigger rubber pad so I can crave bigger patterns.

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