Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FAA lucky parcel Purple [Received]

Here is what I sent for my FAA lucky parcel Purple and here are all the purple FAA lucky parcel I recieved. I feel so lucky and glad that I got alot of buttons, ribbons and fabric that I love

This was my 1st lucky parcel received from Alanna Yeo from Singapore sent me 2 fabric, ribbons and fancy buttons. I love the dragonfly frabic the most.

2nd one received from Terri Gurney (PumpkinSeedMama) from USA. At first I wasn't that impress with the packaging, but later when I open up the package, I just felt that I was so lucky. She sent me those small, bits of emblisments that I love them so much. Tons of goodies in her package.

3rd one from Cats and Dogs for Israel, it took quite a long time to arrive because she was not allow to sent things from her country to mine, so she sent to USA first and then her friend at USA sent it to me. I was glad and appreciate it. Lots of goodies from her too.

I am just so addicted to this swap

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