Monday, April 14, 2008

Handmade Eco friendly bags

Everyone where is just introducing Eco friendly bags to replace the usage of plastic bags. You can find a lot of department store such as Isetan, Jusco selling these bags.

Why not make yourself one. I did this from my sewing machine. Take tons of hours to do it. Because I have very little experience in sewing. But eventually it looks great. And there is a problem in the middle where I insert the wrong needle and the string keep on breaking. Sigh~

This shopping bag is a smaller version, not those you see on department store. It is quite similar to Roo-shopper bags. A plastic bag made by fabric. I was just do it for a testing. So I did a small one with brown pattern fabric in front and pink lining inside.

Although it is not perfect, but it was satisfying.


Seok Liew said...

it's cool, GREAT JOB!!!

so far I din buy any recycle bag, but using those I get from any exhibition or promotion fair.

Caffeaulait or Caffelatte said...

Hi! Ciyou,

Nice Fabric! Where do you get those nice fabric in KL?

Ciyou said...

Caffelatte, the fabric I brought at Kamdar Penang, maybe you can find at any Kamdar stores.

Seok Liew, I also never buy those bags but reuse those exhibition or paper bags I get in those shops


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