Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fabric & accesories finding @ China Town, Singapore

This trip for fabric & accesories finding I just have a notebook with me and I went all place myself (proud of not getting lost!). Haha. My mum was worry I get lost, but for half year experience living in Singapore won't make me too scared.

There is a fabric selling area at China Town. Just take the MRT to China Town station and follow the arrow to People Park Complex 珍珠坊 using the underground. Once reach the exit, don't enter the People Park Complex (I went in and it was just alot of tradisional messager 铁打). Your right hand side have a building. The 1st floor is a hawker center 珍珠坊美食中心 , and the fabric are at the 2nd floor.

I wanted to buy some linen and have alook on the KAwaii Japanese Fabric. I love Japanese Kawaii Fabric. There are several shops, I got ask some shops, linen price are from S$12 - S$15. (Gosh~~ thats expensive after conversion).

I want to wonder around and look for some choose first before I make my purchase. Until I come to this shop that sell those kawaii japanese fabric that I dream off. Infront of the shop, the Japanese fabric was selling S$14 per meter. At the back of the shop was selling $10 per meter. I have some of the fabric in front from some swaps. So I decided to go for some cheaper ones.

Here is was I brought:
1. Cotton fabric (look like linen, the seller told me cotton won't not scruble that much compare to linen - S$7/meter)
2. KAwaii Rabbit Japanese fabric + Kawaii Wooden Horse Japanese Fabric. (half meter each - S$10/meter)

For kawaii Japanese fabric, we are allow to buy half meter.

At Nagoya Malaysia, some Japanese fabric we can get from RM14 per meter. But not so much choice at Malaysia compare to the fabric in Singapore.

A closer view on the Japanese fabric, so beautiful.

I walk back to the exit of the MRT, walking underground tunnel back to the MRT station. The Peoples Park Centre 珍珠大厦 is in the other exit and I scare that I get lost outside. So following the directions will be the saftest idea.

First floor there are several jewelry accesories stores.

This store is called Swalk 88. Located 1st floor (#01-15), lots of beads, jewellry accesories. But many of them are available at Malaysia. I manage to get this ring 3 each pack for $1.00. I planed to get the bigger pack for the LHS one, but out of stock. Sigh~

Another shop at 1st Floor (#01-43): LG Beads Mart 来源 have tons and tons of jewellry accesories that I hardly find them at Malaysia.

Bambi, kitty and bear color charms, $3.80 per pack of 2.

Clay flower ($2 per pack of 4) - love the color combination

Plastic charms - Red ribbons ($1.80), Bear charms ($2 buy 1 free 1)

Vintage small frames (small - $1.80, medium -$1.20)

Paris Tower ($3.80 per piece), Small cups ($2 per pack)

Bambi sliver plate ($3.80 per pack of 2)

Pink and White wings ($3.50 per pack)

Accesories- Love keychain circle ($1 per pack), Normal keychain circle ($1 per pack), keychain hook ($3 per pack)

Total bill was: $42 ~ didn't notice that I buy that much amount.

I love all the small charms, but if I continue buying, I think I will reach $100

My friend told me buying at Bangkok will be cheap. Ok, bookmark it on my next trip to Bangkok then


Anonymous said...

i love this post. shall head down to chinatown and explore myself too sometime. may i ask if they're selling chain too cause i wanna make necklace? :)

Suzanne said...

Hi, I just wondered if the fabric shop was in the peoples park centre

Maf Tea said...

Can try San Merinos at The Grandstand.


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