Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not to talk to strangers, especially foreign strangers

Was freek out last evening from my way back to home.

Was approch by a black man - negerian, he started to talk to me, I was shock on the begining, but see he is so friendly, I just chit chat with him.

He told me he come to Malaysia and study in UMI, just came here and have no friends, want to be my friend. Asking me are you married?

The more we talk, the more I feel not confortable. I even try to call my bf, making myself like not to talk to him.

He keep on following me.

I just feel that something was not right when he ask me contact number. I was so polite and told him that I would rather give him my email. Then he start saying email you really can't get contact with you, alot of reason.

At last I reach KLCC LRT station, I was patient enough to give him my email and he was asking where are you working? I told: KLCC. I say yes. HE say this building? (He know that I'm lying). I say Hei, I don't need to tell you this, bye. And I just walk off without turning back (He cannot come in because I'm using the monthly pass to go in the entrance of the train.) I just walk down to the train waiting area. Have some rest. Then walk up again to have a currency change. I was wanting to go there before I enter then LRT, but he was just annoying and keep on following.

When I reach home, TS told me that some similar incident happern before at Mid Valley. A black man also approch a girl and try to be nice to her. But the more she talk she feel like not comfortable and quickly run to coffee bean to have a sit. She fainted at Coffee Bean but was safe as she call her friend. Wao~~ I was just to stupid to be a polite person without knowing how dangerous this was.

So scary!!


wcheryl said...

I find that lots of so-called foreign students are always saying that they are too lonely and need friends, then they pester non-stop.. Don't talk to them! Sigh, luckily you're alright!

Ciyou said...

Yeah, I tell alot of friend and they say don't talk to them, lucky noting happen to me. God Bless


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