Monday, July 07, 2008

Preparation to visit Singapore

This coming thursday I will be going to Singapore ~ Hurray!
Was so excited from the begining when I know I will be going there, there seems like shopping heaven to me.

Was just so excited that I was planning where I want to go and what I wanted to buy. Even have a small note book to list them all down.

Only until last friday, I just know that it wasn't as good as I think.

1. Bus Fair
From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore - RM30 Transnasional bus
This is quite a reasonable price as price of bus ticket from KL to Penang is RM27.

From Singapore to KL really makes me a headache. If I ask my sister to buy from me at Singapore, it will be S$30(RM71). Transnational was only RM50. But from Larkin (JB) to KL was only RM24.
I was not willing to pay S$30(RM71) for just a journey back, and I heard that Transnational Bus are quite slow (pray hard they are not too slow).
My friend even sugguest me on those 5 class luxury coach that single trip back to KL will cost RM110. Wao~~ I rather safe those money to go shopping for craft materials or for food.

Larkin was the cheapest way, but for a lady like me to wondering around at the bus station wasn't a good idea.

Ended up I brought the bus ticket direct from Singapore back to KL for RM50.

2. Currency rate
I didn't know Singapore dollar flew so high up compare to Ringgit Malaysia. Today the buying rate was 2.4. Last time when I 1st go to Singapore, it was just 2.1. I thought I wanted to take S$400-S$500 this visit, but ended up need to reduce until S$200, S$200 after convert will be RM500. I salute those crafters that can buy so many things in Singapore as I don't think it will be that cheap. Yes maybe it is that unique but.... Maybe next time should go Bangkok instate to find cheaper crafting materials.... Wahhahaha... WHat a briliant idea.

3. International Roaming for Handphone
I know we can use our normal maxis mobile phone in Singapore. But first I need to called to Maxis center to activate my international roaming. Plus I need to get the code to enable me calling my sister (singapore line) and my dad (malaysia maxis line)
Sytax to call:
*120*country code telephone number # call
*120*65012xxxxxx# call - call in singapore to malaysia hanphone whom are at Singapore
*120*659xxxxxx# call - call in singapore to singapore handphone
*120*6012xxxxxxx# call - call in sinfpore to malaysia handphone whom are at Malaysia
But I forget to ask how much per minute for international roaming, should be expensive I guess.

4. Passport
Spending RM300 just to renew my passport. But sooner or later I need to do this also, for the next coming trip.

Traveling to Singapore is just not cheap to travel.. or shopping. Compare to the upcoming trip to Cambodia that I am going this coming September.

By the way, the main purpose of this trip is not really for shopping (I don't know got enough time for shopping or not), it's my sister convocation day at NUS. Now another issue, what should I wear on that day? ^*^

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