Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I want to buy DSLR cameras

Raining this morning which makes me late to work again. It is so good sleeping at bed rather then going to work.

Have a talk with my sister about camera's. Her boyfriend just brought a DSLR - Nikon D60 with kit lens for S$1330. Yo~~ Again makes me wants to get an DSLR too.

It is just a tough to choose between a normal dummy digital camera and a DSLR. My main concern was the bulkyness of the DSLR and the price. A normal digital camera is small, compact and easy. I started to love DSLR after a long term browse on flickr.

I just love these few authors:
1. Candlemomo
2. 夏米花園 chamilgarden

My plan was to get one compact digital this few weeks and save enough money to get a DSLR next year. Can't wait my hands to get one.

Was busy at work, my boss keep on pumping me work to do after I suggest him to gave me more task. Abit regret on that. Which makes me so tired. Never ever finish task.

New clay, clay set, clay mold, clay cookie cutter at Kinokuniya. Just so tempting to buy.

Want to buy this 4 color clay, but already out of stock :( . Want to try this brand, but don't know is the same as this brand I am using.


Robin said...

Hi there, no it's not the same brand. That mousse clay is completely different then that one you said you wanted to try. I saw it this past weekend...it was very heavy in the package! Like a hand weight. hehe

Take care!
Robin M.

Ciyou said...

Thanks for your advise, I love the mousse clay as it is light weighted. But it seems like easy to chiped if press too hard.

Robin said...

Yeah, I noticed it was easily dented too, but I do love how light-weight it is. I really wish I could get more of it here, but I can't seem to find any of it online. Do you have any websites you know of (maybe in English, too) that would have more colors? Thanks, Robin :-)

Ciyou said...

Hi Robin,

I buy most of my clay on shops. You can search "jumping clay" or "iclay" for light weighted clay. It comes with lots of colors too. I brought my jumping clay at Mid Valley. But I recently saw those clay at KLCC.

Robin said...

Hi Ciyou,

I was looking at the jumping and iclay, and I'm not sure that's what I wanted. I think I was talking about that mousseclay...I got this kit from Jbox: http://www.jbox.com/SEARCH/clay/1/

I don't know of another way to get this type of clay. You can get it there, right? Thanks.

Ciyou said...

Woh~ U got this pack?

I saw online but still not available in my area. This is the moouse clay. Light weighted, if then end product is too thin, it easy to break. When mix with arcylic color, it will crack abit.

Those iclay, jumping clay is korean brand, they are also light weighted, but abit sticky. I didn't mix with other color because it come with 3 basic colors + white + black.

Try this site: http://www.donerland.co.kr/. I guess it is the same as iclay. I got the mold recently.

What country are you from?

Robin said...

Hi Ciyou,

I'm from the U.S.. I just realized right now that you're in the same "Yummy Clay" group on Flickr that I'm in! I am going to make you my contact on there. I love those sweet pins you made. I make alot of food clay things myself. Tell me what you think of them. Just looking on the Donorland site--wish I could get that bakery and sandwich kit. hehe! Isn't it funny how our countries have different kinds of clay? Do you get Sculpey and Fimo there? Cuz that's what I use to make my creations.

Ciyou said...

Hi Robin
Nice to meet u, I didn't know you are from US. That's why I'm introduce places at my country and non of them suits u I guess ~ sorry

Here is the ULR for "jumping clay" -http://www.jumpingclay.com/

Yes, we do have Sculpey and Fimo here in Malaysia. I didn't use them because they are not air dry.

Here I use resin clay and light weighted clay, moouse clay which are all air dry.

I usually buy my clay at Kinokuniya (Japanese Chain Bookstore) or Isetan (Japanese hypermarket.) If u want to find those from Japanese, maybe u can find from japanese stores.

ARe u filthyfox in flickr?


Robin said...

Yeah, I'm Filthyfox on Flickr. I just thought it was funny because I just happened to find your blog about two weeks ago, because I Googled the moouse clay and your blog came up! I've been reading it ever since.

You don't like to use anything but air-dry clay? I have some white air-dry clay but I prefer the Sculpey and Fimo because of all the colors.

My boyfriend and I are talking about going to Japan in the near future. Have you ever been? Maybe I can find all the moouse clay I want there!

Ciyou said...

Hi Robin,
That was such a coincidence~~

I don't use those Sculpey and Fimo cost I don't have an oven to bake it, I guess.

The moouse clay have different colors, but they are not as rich as the jumping clay or FIMO.

I usually mix myself for clay colors.

I never been to Japan, I heard things there are quite pricely (for me only). Standard of living is high there, but you can get tons and tons of japanese crafts and goodies at there.

Let me know if u do go, remember to snap pictures back from Japan~~


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