Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hate LRT in Kuala Lumpur

Today the train (Kelana Jaya Line) is broken down again. 2nd time in a week.

The train stop at Ampang Park Station, parked there and stay unmove for 15 minutes. The train staff was running here and there, checking here and there.

Ended up, they force us to leave the station.

I need to walk from Ampang Park LRT station to KLCC to Rohas Perkasa at Jalan P. Ramlee where my office is currently at. About 30 minute walk in a bright morning with such a hot sun. Makes me more angry and unsatisfy.

Monday was even worst. Many people just stuck in front of the Wangsa Maju Train station, they don't allow us to go into the train waiting area as too many people is waiting and the number of train coming was none. Ended up need TS to drop me to the Monorail and take another train to my office.

Malaysia public transport is such so terrible. I have expirence so many times of public transport break down. And it is so incovinence to take alternative public transport as it is not linked together.

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