Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camera & Ipod & MP3 players

Planned to get my digital camera end of this week from TS friend this saturday, so went to lowyat after work for price check. In my mind I think I want to get Canon IXUS 80 but I would want to know if I can get same quality camera for cheaper price from other brand.

Who knows there is this Digital Stock Clearance sales at Lowyat. Saw 4 GB Nano Ipod ~ Gosh ~ my dream mp3 player for RM300 ~ thats cheap. Remember my dad brought for RM700 last 1-2 years. But too bad it only have sliver color. Instate the promoter introduce me this Samsung K3 2GB MP3 player which is RM279. Cool in terms it have touch screen with blue lighting for the black set. It got FM player plus 3D surounding sound. Which the person say ipod don't have. Ipod and sony mp3 player need to convert files before putting at the player itself. Which I think its quite troblesome.

Now I don't know to get an IPOD or the samsung k3 MP3 player. I always love the round scroll menu in IPOD which I think it is super cool. K3 sounds seems more good. I want ipod scroll design but I want samsung 3D surounding sound. How how?? Which model should I get??

Then I told them I want a 8 mega pixel digital camera, this girl promoter was telling me no need to get so high mega pixel digital camera, she introduce me this Canon Powershot A570, 7 mega pixel for RM599 (without SD card, tripod, case & no free gift). It is a semipro/ prosumer camera which you can play with some effects because have manual setting. It is cool that you can focus 1 part and blur others something like DSLR camera. But the major bad thing it is using AA battery and its abit bulky. If I buy the RM599, I need to buy the rechargeable battery (I think will cost less then RM50-RM100), SD card (they told me 2GB is selling RM23, mini tripod is selling RM4). Shall I buy or not? Seems like a good deal.

So, I was just confusing on deciding what camera to buy now, the AA bateri one (Canon Powershot A570) or the litihum bateri one (Canon IXUS 80)

Argh~~~ So hard to decide.......

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mangosteenskin said...

my husband use powershot A570. the photo quality is good. maybe the shape isn't so attractive, but it's a reliable and user friendly camera.


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