Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swaps for Critters & Candy

Didn't have massive swap recently. Maybe because I need money for holidays and buying myself a camera. Or maybe I have too much materials and stuff I want at home.

I enjoyed this swap - Adopt a Critter Matchbox, where you buy or create a critter and design a matchbox for this swap. The critter I brought from a store and made some clay strawberry and cookie for it.

Here is what I receive, my partner adds tons of goodies for her late sending for me. The critter owl is a bead instate. I could use it somewhere else. She sent me tons of small scraps of ribbons and trims, beads and other small goodies.

I joined the FAA lucky parcel swap for the candy theme. No fabric or ribbons of candy theme found at Malaysia, so i decided to go for paper products and handmade some sewing pins.

Today's and yesterday finding. Seems like more to add on my wish list.
  1. Found this japanese food clay book on flickr. Just makes me want to grab one. Later try to ask Kinokuniya see if it is available. I just love crafting food, candies, sweets, and desserts.

  2. Genie III Keychain cameras, consider as a digital LOMO camera, see how rich and colorful the photo's are.
  3. Jelly lens, making digital camera to have LOMO effect. Can attach with digital camera or handphone camera.

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