Friday, July 25, 2008


Me and PA is crazy of photography this few days. Even more after giving her to see those LOMO lense and Jelly Lense.

She is pouring me tons of photography website, those are just execellent.

  1. Jenny Sun Photography - I love the rich colors of her photographyLink

  2. Mango Red - 2 Philipino Brothers

  3. Louis Pang

Going later to lowyat to grab my camera. I think I will go for semi-pro camera first rather to buy a DSLR so soon.Now the main issue is where can I get those rechargable battery from? Which brand is better? I see from website and forum saying this few brands are quite ok - Sanyo, Sanyo Eneloop, Uniross. But there are reaching RM100++ for charger + 2 Battery. Quite costly.

Have to admit 1 thing, photography is just an expensive hobby. More expensive then Blythe.

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