Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sister's Commencement / Convocation @ NUS

**Updated some pictures**

My sister have graduate from her 4 years studies in NUS last week. I was glad that I can visit her graduation ceremony (althought it was a boring one). Singapore still still near and I could afford to travel to there. Last year I didn't manage to attend my brothers graduation at Canada, the flight itself was RM4000.

My mum was suggesting we attend my another brothers graduation at UK next year. I nearly faint. The round return flight will be RM6000. And I bet the expenses will be super high.

I reach Singapore at Thursday night. Have a night at my sister place. Was just hot at her room and some issue causing that we have slept until 11am next morning.
Rushing here and there and finally made it to the UCT hall at NUS at 1.30pm.
Waited here and there until we manage to get in the hall. My sister was busy taking photo around.

The graduation ceremony was boring. The funniest part is that person that give the scroll to the graduate is wearing a red suit siting on a red chair infront of us. Looks like a Judge on the Hong Kong Movie. Whahahha.

My sister recieving the scroll

There was one student whom reach the stage and suddenly 2 rows of gratuate stand up and clap their hands. We was just wondering if she was a popular student. Later knowing that she was having a cancer but manage to finish her studies and gratuate. Worth to clap for her.

The ending speech from the graduate's was excellent in terms of english and the slang. I was right as my sister told us she was the debate team and she was the highest result on her fakulti.

Me and my sister

My sister and my parents

Family picture

This picture I found it abit like wedding picture rather then graduation photo. But I love this picture. They took it with Jon new DLSR camera. Using a DLSR camera, you can see quality difference.


wcheryl said...

Flying to UK, roundtrip is RM3000++ ar? If you book earlier lar.. sometimes RM4000++ round trip on MAS.. but if u book few days b4 u fly.. it'll be RM5000++! Btw, ur sister really looks like u! :)

Ciyou said...

cheryl: Got so cheap mer? I think need to save from now I guess.

Last time my sister looks even more like me during high school of the same hair in PCGHS

wcheryl said...

Yes ar, my colleagues need to fly to UK very often.. nearly every month, some of us will be at our HQ in UK.. the air ticket varies from RM3000++ to RM6000++.. even RM6000++ is because book last minute.. The last time I went there was RM4200 (round trip) on MAS! My colleague took Emirates (transit in Dubai) RM3000++!


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