Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Clay Food Sewing Pins

Made these pin last 2 weeks, but just manage to assemble and pack in up last few days. I made it for a swap that will be coming and I found that there are many possibilities in clay. You can do anything with clay.

From Left to Right for each set
- Chocolate
- Strawberry dip Chocolate
- Cupcakes
- Mashmelow

I love the chocolate with the pink cream on top and the strawberry dip chocolate ~~ yummy

The final packaging that makes it so cute and sweet ~~
I used the candy deco tape I brought from Kinokuniya to wrap them up. Just looks tasty after all.


mangosteenskin said...

great job on the clay! im into clay too but im occupied with other stuffs, like drawing. i like sewing too, and just got my own sewing machine early this year, present from hubby. like u, i also sew square stuffs. good for practice right? easy and quick project.

keep on practising! i like ur work, they do look perfect in the picture. i believe they'll improve from time to time.

camy said...

我不能和你买哦因为我用PAYPAL收费很贵,大概多出了RM100@@ 但是我可以给你我朋友的拍卖网然后你可以和她直接购买^^至于日本不知道@@因为没有买过哦:D
我朋友拍卖地址: http://tw.user.bid.yahoo.com/tw/user/adodosue?


Fransisca said...

oh my these are so cool!! :D:D

did u use the resin clay to make these clay food sewing pins? :) by the way where did u buy the resin clay? I stay in Singapore and cant find it.

Thanks! :)

ps: can you reply me at
artist148@gmail.com ? Thank you so much! :D

Ciyou said...

Fransisca: I use resin clay to do the sewing pins. I brought from meiwei for resin clay


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