Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vietnamese Kitchen @ Food Court, Pavillion

Walk a long 20 minutes just to go an pass the standard chartered credit card point redemption form ended up couldn't pass as the standard chartered building beside pavilion is not a branch, just a building. Sigh~~

Was tired and hungry and just went to Pavilion Food Court. Wanted to eat the tepanyaki, but will too crowded, plus abit high price for just a lunch.

Walk and walk, just don't know what to eat.

Suddenly stumble upon this Vietnamese Kitchenand I ordered Lemongrass Chicken Chop and I just order. I'm scare on trying new food. But to my suprise it was quite good, the Chickhen have it own spice and with the sause, it is very good. The vegetables are those appitizer which some how makes me eat more. Not sure if I was hungry or it was tasty, I finish all the food on it.

Some friend told me at Pavilion there is a lot of good food, but the price is not so cheap. But worth it to try if its a good tasty delicious food.

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