Tuesday, June 24, 2008

colorful stamp ink pads, fabric stamp ink pads

I love stamping, but I just don't like those normal black, blue, red stamping pad which are available at the market.

Started to hunt and seek for stamp inks. When you are anxiously to find it, you can't find it. But when you are not very serious on finding it, it will pop up at your sight. Strange!

Recently have a visit to 1-Utama Craft Haven, finally manage to get stamp ink pads for fabric. I think this brand - Versa Craft is better as it can use for paper, wood and fabrics. I love zakka colors so I choose chocolate and pink as I love the colors.

Here are brands of stamping inks I have
1. Versa Craft - for paper, fabric, wood, etc...
2 Rm1.90 from living cabin - for paper
3. Stamping pad from a stamping set - worst quality
4. Versa Color - for paper

Done a test on those stamp ink pads as I wanted to know how it was after it was wash. Higher price stamping pad have higher quality on the density of the colors. Those cheap price stamping pad sometimes the color like not full enough. But you won't see the difference between them when you stamp in on paper. Thats why I grab another 4 more cheap stamping pads that day.

LHS is before washing with water and RHS is after washing with water.

See most of the color faded. So if you need to stamp on fabric, make sure you use those stamp inks for fabric.


yileen said...

Love your post! It reminded me of a cute wooden cow stamp I bought 2 months ago. I'll put the picture up on my blog sometime soon and link the post to your blog. I hope you won't mind ;))

jeslyn said...

如果想要顏色持久,建議可以印後不久用熨斗燙一燙哦. (有書籍那麼建議的).您不訪testing 看看.

Ciyou said...

yileen: Sure, no problem

jeslyn: 喔, 我有用熨斗燙一燙,如果不是布的stamping ink,颜色还是会掉。所以在印在布之前, 得买那些可以在布上印的stamp ink pad。

mijiworkshop said...

after using stamp ink for fabric u got to iron it in long time and high temperature not only for a while, this only can make the ink stay in the fabric, & it won't fade after wash.i'd try it..its work..

ps.malzzucker said...

因为之前不是很了解..在haru那里看到说versa magic比较好..所以我在ebay买了一个

Chez Cin said...

How much is versacraft selling in craft haven?

Anonymous said...

Hai May I know how much is versacraft price?


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