Monday, June 23, 2008

LAck of energy

Lack of energy and creativity this few weeks, I just manage to flip thru my craft books, and not going down in hands to do any craft recently.

Just don't know what to start. I wanted to use my sewing machine, but just so lazy to cut those fabric patterns. I wanted to carve, but haven't manage to buy the carving block (can't find them in Malaysia). Wanted to do clay, but was stuck on the glossy cream problem. Just when I want to start to do something, and thinking that I have problems or missing in some materials, I kinda just piss off and not doing anything.

As usual, went to stock taking at saturday. Brought alot of belt this time. Some colorful belts and a shining blinking belt that was quite costly. But it was a 1st diamonds sparking belt I have.

And some cute colorful hair pins, but abit to childish I guess.But just irresistible

Went for movie at the saturday evening, TS didn't remind me that we are going for a movie as I wear short hot pants for the movie. Was so cool, but a great movie - Increadible Hunk makes me not feeling that cool.

Sunday was awake by the donation people to come and collet my old TV. Manage to donate the TV, a monitor, some computer hardware stuffs, boxes, magazine. They come too fast and I forgotten to ask them to take all of the old magazine of my house. But they manage to clean up some junk from my house. Sometimes I feel like just donate to those people rather them sell to the newspaper person.

Monday blues again~~ not feeling like working.

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Joyce said...

ya, i always bring my old newspaper, magazines, clothes, aluminium cans to those charity boxes. feels like donating rather than selling it.


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