Wednesday, June 25, 2008

IE7 Feed not updating?

Everyday I will read my feeds on the IE7 feed section. Every morning when I reach the office, I will refresh all the feed and see which one is updated. I find it very useful when you have tons of feed/blog to read everyday.

This few days, those blog I usually read seems like no new post (If using IE7 feed, it will bold the title whenever there is a new posting). I was thinking, maybe those people are just busy and no time write blog (like me, need to curi write blog at office).

Mana tahu, aiyo~~ i miss up alot of new post. Dam~~ why the IE7 Feed is not working? #$%^&*

Tomorow have lots to read then.

I'm just abit tired on my job now. I'm the only IT person there, as it is a new company. Everything I need to learn by myself, reading thru tons of websites, asking at forums. I miss those days where you have senior to ask from. I want to find a more specific job task rather then need to do everything. I don't really like programing that much, I told my boss that I would rather go into SEO and online marketing in state (this I also learn myself ) and I don't want to learn more in programming stuffs as I think its so much headache too me.The new project requires using Phyton (what the heck is this), Ruby (stone? no la, scripting language again), and other CMS that i never heard before. I'm until and extend that I don't know how good I am in SEO or to say that how bad I am in programming.

I love this job as it gaves us full flexibity on working hours. No OT which makes me have more time for myselfs.

What shall I do?

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