Thursday, June 19, 2008

Comfortable shoes

As I was injured on my foot early of this month, I hardly can wear any high heels, I'm wearing this Grendha Sandals that I brought early this year. This sandals is very lasting as it last already 6 months

Wanted a new shoe that I can wear stocking with. So went to Sungai Wang and manage to grab this sandals, just a classic one.

Once a while I will return to the place I buy the Grendha Sandals and have a look for new shoes and I kind of love this one -Grendha Vanilla. Plus maybe getting Crocs Prima as my mum have a Crocs beach that is very comfortable. But Crocs shoe are just way to high for my budget.

I'm now seeking more in confortable shoes rather then those good looking shoes which cause foot pain.

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