Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Japanese Buffert @ Eyuzu, EASTIN Hotel

Last saturday, we went to have Japanese Buffet with Hoo to celebrate his birthday was at 9th June. Or may be its a friends gathering then.

This restaurant - Eyuzu is located at EASTIN Hotel, from the website, I see they write that foods are imported directly from Japan. Wao~~ should be nice I think.

Buffet starts at 6.30pm, we arrrive at 7pm, others of my friend start 2nd or 3rd round of the buffet. So me & TS start to look for foods to eat.

This pot is on each person table. I thought it was green tea, my friends even told me it was a place to wash your hands. Don't know why have a lemon slice on top of it. IT is actually soup. Funny why they put on a tea pot with a lemon slice on top?

See what I eat there. Baby octopus (huge), much more larger then we eat at normal restoran. Jelly fish and mini eggs salad.

Teppanyaki fried vegetables and mushrooms

Cheese baked oyster (Taste excellent), Unagi (my favorite, I have eat alot) and squid rows.

Tepanyaki squid, prawn, chickhen and beef. All very tasty. The seafoods are fresh and the beefs taste great.

Fresh Oyster taste good. Salmon are in thick slice, and alots of sushi too. I eat only 1 sushi as rice is filling.

Mini fried cards, nice and cute snacks

Deserts and cakes

I love this mango alot, taste delicious.

Plus we additional order sake. They say need to drink when it is hot, but I love it when it is not that hot.

There are lots more, like ice-cream - the green tea ice-cream taste nice. Ice kacang, shark fin soup, all the tempura, monchi, fruits, even mangosteen is at there...

Overall it was a wonderful meal. Not much choice of food. All of the food are japanese. But all the foods are tasty, fresh and delicous. Worth the price we are paying for. It was RM68++ for saturday buffet dinner, but we add sake, so it is RM78++. But citibank credit card bank holder have additional 20% discount on total bill including tax and service charges. So ended up only 5% discount.

Later we when to sing karaoke at Neway 1-U. Wao~ usually when I go with my family, 1 person will sing 1 song, or the most 3 person, but this is like rojak karooke. All people sing at one time. You know la, those guys like shout until I cannot hear my voice from the speaker also. But everyone was enjoying and having fun. We sang until 4am and was exhausted. I slept on my way home.

For one a while, I think its a good idea to gather friends around to eat and play.

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