Wednesday, June 04, 2008

fruity clay necklance

Manage to do some necklance and some handphone accessories (I love some) for the shop while I have my feet injure. I still work from home, just that I did it after I finish my office work.

Hopeful these will sell.

It seems like I only know how to do fruits and foods stuff from clay only. I try to do other things than clay which ended up not cute or kawaii. Need to find a sifu in this area.

All 5 of them. click picture for a larger view. Sorry on the bad photos.

Every necklace I have my personalize tag for each necklance. This pendant consist of dark chocolate cookie with cream and slice of kiwi fruit plus some strawberry mashmellows.

Classic pendent with dark cream and strawberrys

This is with strawberrys with its leafs. Will leave this with me.

Final one is whip strawberry cream with kiwi and strawberry on it. Plus a dark chocolate heart shape with a gliter on it.

Handphone accesories will snap those pictures tonight.


squall said...

look pretty...can eat ah??? hehe...

wcheryl said...

Really really nice!

Seok Liew said...

i love it!

thinking to buy it for my friend's birthday present. how much? can make it as handphone accessories?


Seok Liew said...

love it!

how much? want to buy for my friend's birthday.


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