Friday, June 13, 2008

Kawaii finding

Yesterday have an early leave from office for out hard work on letter packing for the whole day.

When to pay my credit card bills and Masjid Jamek. Was just so lazy to walk back to the LRT station to go to PEtaling street and I decide to walk from Masjid Jamek to Petaling Street. Surprisingly I follow a girl who is walking and she did some short cut and very fast I got to the place I wanted to go.

I was planing to seek some swap materials for the FAALP candy theme. I couldn't find any fabric or ribbon here, so I guess I might have to find other stuff on this theme.

Living Cabin was my favorite place to get cheaper cute stuff compare to Kino. I manage to get what I want for the FAALP swap, but I manage to get some cute rubber stamps and stamp inks too. I love the cupcakes , butterfly and the face expression the most. There are just so cute. I can't carve until this thin so I decide to just buy them back.

The blue one on the top is the stamp ink from the rubber stamp set, and the dual color stamp ink is just only RM1.90. Dam cheap. Sometimes when thing is just too cheap, I will start to doubt the quality of the things. So I dare not buy alot, as there are other colors, so I buy one back to try the quality.

Color wise no much difference, but one thing not good on these stamp ink is it cause stain on my rubber stamp while those branded RM6.90 per stamp ink will not have this problem. But I think I will grab more on my next visit as the color effect have no much difference.

Looks yummy right? I thought it was clay, but it was erraser. Finally manage to get this in Malaysia, I am not using them for erraser purpose but maybe for my craft... Hehe.


mangosteenskin said...


if i'm asking for ur help me to buy those colorful cheap stamp ink, can? please...please...i'm using this rm9 glittery stamp ink at the moment, it does leave stain on the rubber too. colorful stamp ink is not available in KK. those glitter stamp ink im using right now were bought at Craft Haven, KL by a blogger friend. if u say okay, i'll transfer $ to u.

Ciyou said...

mangosteenskin: There are several colors, i think 3-4 different ones, do u want them all. Email me at to discuss.

jeslyn said...

您好,是否可以提供 colorful cheap stamp ink正確的地點可以購買到啊.
我想去買.. ;-)

Ciyou said...

jeslyn: 在kl, petaling street 的living cabin 里

但是,在petaling street哪一带有三间living cabin, 记得是在kfc,macy同一排的店屋.

jeslyn said...

謝謝提供啊.. 我有空就去那邊挖寶. XD


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