Monday, June 09, 2008

甜蜜 Sweet

他跑了出来,看了看我,就坐在我的身旁,两个人,帖的很近,拿起我的手,帮忙我在搓。 还说我是个大小孩,玩到整只手都是。

That day, I played with the silicon, until my whole hand was cover all with silicon. I was not able to clean it off, neither water. No choice but to try oil (Because last time when we eat nangka, it will have this sticky feel and my mum will ask us to clean it with oil). But this didn't work for the silicon too. My hands are now oily plus sticky. I waited it to abit dry and start pealing and rubing it off.
He was hungry and rushing me to go for a quick snack downstairs, I become more nervious and started to rub harder and harder but seems like there is still a big part to rub. I started become moody.
He came out, saw me, sit beside me, 2 person was near to each other, take my hand, and start to help me rub my hand. He was so detail and help me on every small part of my hand. He laugh at me and say me as a like child, play until the whole hand.
The whole process was very sweet, I was glad in my heart. Guys doing this small small things will really made a girls heart pumps quickly.
When a relationship is long, many say that there is no spark and excitement, but sometimes, when a men did some small action like this, it makes some spark in a relationship.

**Sorry on my bad translation, I just don't know how to express my feelings in English


mangosteenskin said...

i love following ur updates, but i dont understand chinese... :(

mangosteenskin said...

haha! thanks for translation. my hubby use to buy silicon for his work too! he suggested me to find way to use it for craftwork. glad i found ur blog.

...and what a nice guy u have there. *wink*


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