Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm just crazy on Blythe this few days. Searching high and low on it.

I came across and know Blythe on flickr and some blog/shop selling blythe cloths. That time I wasn't that crazy on it. I will just look thru and maybe give so comments on it.

Don't know seen when, I started to slowly and slowly like them and until now I think I start to love them (which means trouble). Trouble in the meaning that I might buy one for myself.

Start searching on wikipedia, forum, google, malaysia website on blythe. And just know that a stardard 12 inch Neo Blythe at least will cost RM380 (RM380 just for a toy? Too much liao gua!!) and 4 inch Petite Blythe will cost start from RM100++. At first I was thinking on getting just a Petite Blythe 1st, but when I see the comparison on the Neo and the Petite, I think the Neo is much worth the price. Plus I can only do clothers for Neo coz the Petite is way too small. If limited edition will be much more expensive.

I started to search in Singapore website - thinking of my sister is staying there, she can help me buy. I saw dollz Inc, and where to buy in Singapore. And searching on Japan website, Junie Moon , junie moon online shop, - a friend of mine is staying there, maybe ask her to take back when she come back to Malaysia. Other website on buying blythe -blythedoll,

If really buy from Japan, starting price will be RM250++, RM100 cheaper then buying here in Malaysia, but the price RM380 is because of the shipping and tax and the rental of the shop. I know of course.

After reading on forums & website, I just know some collectors really spend $$ on these dolls. some can collect more then 30 neo blythe and some can buy a limited edition blythe cost USD$2500. Wao~~ just salute those gals~~ You need to earn alot just can spend like this.

I was so anxious that I went to Time Square to look for it on shops to have a real look on the toys rather then looking online. I manage to find the shop. I just saw a Pullip and can't find any Blythe on the shelf. I ask the girl and she say the latest one was sold out. She even ask for me other branch and all of them sold out also. I was a bit shock that such on expensive toy also can be sold out are. Meaning this toy is very popular and people are willing to spend $$ on it.

Maybe it is just a process~~ Later cool down liao will think worth or not to buy.

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mangosteenskin said...

sooo...blythe is what it's called. i've seen the doll somewhere in the net, and think it's cute too! but for rm380++++ for a doll, i might consider not buying it. unless i have so much money i don't know where else to throw. hehe.


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